At the Front Line of Climate Change

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In Greenland, Dartmouth faculty and students conduct research and lead educational programs to better understand a warming planet.


Every summer, Dartmouth faculty and students travel to Greenland to conduct climate research and lead an educational program for high school students. The program, the Joint Science Education Project (JSEP), is managed by Dartmouth and sponsored by the National Science Foundation.

Ross Virginia, the director of Dartmouth’s Institute of Arctic Studies and one of the leaders of JSEP, has been conducting research in the Arctic for decades. He understands the potentially devastating effects of climate change. But he finds hope in his work with students.

“Changing the lives of just a few students each year over time is the way that we’re going to build the human capacity to better understand climate change,” he says.

Find out more about Dartmouth’s efforts in Greenland, or watch the video above, in which Virginia, other faculty, and students talk about their work with JSEP.

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