Video: A Look Back at Fall Term

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Opportunities for adventure, discovery, and connection abounded inside and outside the classroom.


This video of fall term’s highlights shows many of the ways students engage with one another inside—and outside—the classroom. The season’s mild temperatures and dazzling foliage draw students outside, whether to study and relax on the Green, cheer on their favorite team, hit the Appalachian Trail, or practice their strokes on the Connecticut. For first-year students, fall is a time of transition as they join the Dartmouth community and settle into the rhythm of college life. Energy is high in the lab and classroom as professors inspire in students new passions and interests.

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Featured professors include:

Michael Casey
James Wright Professor of Music, Professor of Computer Science

V.S. Subrahmanian
Distinguished Professor in Cyber Security, Technology, and Society

Nurit-Ben Yehuda
Senior Lecturer, Middle Eastern Studies

Ikuko Watanabe Washburn
Senior Lecturer, Asian Societies, Cultures and Languages

Alan Aimin Li
Senior Lecturer, Asian Societies, Cultures and Languages

Katie Hamlin; video by Chris Johnson