Views From the Green: March 2020

Professor of Physics and Astronomy Robyn Millan discusses a gyroscope with students in her "Physics 13" class
Robyn Millan, the Margaret Anne and Edward Leede ’49 Distinguished Professor of Physics and Astronomy, discusses a gyroscope with students in her “Physics 13” class in Steele Hall. From left: Millan, Ethan Thomas ’23, Chase Alvarado-Anderson ’23, Nathalie Korhonen-Cuestas ’23, Tonia Zakorchemna ’23, and Jazmin Romero Doldan ’23. (Photo by Robert Gill)
Hood Lettercutting
Artist Gina Adams (not pictured) hosted a community art project in the Hood’s Russo Atrium. Sophia Swanson ’23, a member of the Museum Club, cut letters from treaties to revisit the historically broken treaties between the U.S. government and Native American communities. The cut letters will be placed on the window of the museum’s entrance so museum-goers can see and read the text. (Photo by Robert Gill)
Yumi Naruke '20 and friends
From top left, clockwise: Yumi Naruke ’20, Kate Wood ’20, Kniya DéDé ’20, and Andrew Li ’20 look up during their study session in Anonymous Hall. (Photo by Robert Gill)
David Horneffer playing tennis
David Horneffer ’20, returns a forehand to his opponent during a match against Bryant University. (Photo by Seymour Zhu, Thayer ’20)
Two research scientists studying images on a screen.
L to R: Research scientist Elizabeth Pereira and Amelia Ralowicz, Guarini ’24, study the multicellular interactions between neurons and glia cells (part of the central nervous system) in the brain. They are working in Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences Robert Hill’s lab. (Photo by Robert Gill)