Kudos: Excellence in Administration, Engineering, Filmmaking, and Finance

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Honors go to Dartmouth’s Braz, Cybenko, Gannon, Armas, Monthe, and Ruth.

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Kudos is an occasional column that recognizes Dartmouth faculty, students, and staff who have received awards or other honors. Did you or a colleague recently receive an award or honor? Please tell us about it: dartmouth.news@dartmouth.edu.


Registrar Meredith Braz has been awarded honorary membership by the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO) this spring. The award recognizes Braz’s involvement and significant contribution to AACRAO, and confers certain association benefits upon retirement. Recipients are selected by the AACRAO board of directors. “Meredith has been an amazing asset to AACRAO,” says AACRAO Executive Director Mike Reilly. “Her leadership at the regional and national level and on the AACRAO board has shaped and strengthened our association.”


George Cybenko, the Dorothy and Walter Gramm Professor of Engineering, has been selected as a 2020 SIAM Fellow, one of the highest honors of Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM), in recognition for his contributions to theory and algorithms in signal processing, artificial neural networks, and distributed computing systems.


A documentary produced in the fall “FS30: Documentary Videomaking” class has been selected for presentation at the Global Impact Film Festival in Washington, D.C. Under the Bridge, produced by Daniela Armas ’20, Matthew Gannon ’21, and Leatile Monthe ’20, looks at a homeless camp in Hartford, Vt., through the story of the life of one of its inhabitants. A Gofundme site mentioned at the end of the film raised several thousand dollars to aid the homeless in Hartford.


The Dartmouth College Investment Office’s Chief Executive Officer Alice Ruth ’83 is one of the 100 most influential women in U.S. finance, according to Barron’s magazine. “I’ve interacted with some of the most extraordinary people and investors who have broadened my perspective of the world,” Ruth, who oversees Dartmouth’s investment office and manages the endowment, told the magazine. “I think it’s important for women—and anyone—to stay flexible, opportunistic and open-minded … some of the interesting opportunities I was lucky enough to pursue had not been in a linear path.”

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