Statement on Dartmouth Harassment Policies and Procedures


HANOVER, N.H. – June 10, 2020 - At Dartmouth, we take seriously complaints of any type of misconduct and condemn expressions of bias based on gender, religion, race, or any other personal characteristic. Established policies and processes dictate how complaints are addressed when we receive them. Reports of sexual misconduct are handled by Dartmouth’s Title IX office. Other allegations of inappropriate conduct involving faculty are referred to the appropriate faculty dean.

Legal and policy considerations relating to privacy and confidentiality generally constrain Dartmouth from sharing the substance of our response to particular allegations by a student unless the student in question consents, thereby enabling us to provide accurate and complete information about that response. Regardless, we can confirm that, in the case involving recent allegations by a graduate student in computer science, all applicable procedures were followed in reviewing the concerns we received. To the extent that anyone wishes to raise additional allegations, we stand ready to address them promptly, fairly, and in accordance with our policies and procedures.