In a Virtual Ceremony, Dartmouth Honors Employee Milestones

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This year’s service awards celebration honors more than 260 staff members from across campus.

Illustration of 6 "employees" in a grid.
Illustration by LaDarius Dennison

In a video created for the occasion, Dartmouth today honored more than 260 employees for their years of service. While the format of this year’s Employee Service Awards Celebration was unprecedented, its spirit of appreciation remained unchanged.

In previous years, staff members marking milestone anniversaries have been honored with meals at the Class of 1953 Commons. But due to the pandemic, the 2020 event took the form of recorded messages from nearly two dozen Dartmouth staff and faculty members.

President Philip J. Hanlon ’77 thanked the employees for their collective efforts in difficult times.

“The success of the institution is made or broken by the quality of the staff,” President Hanlon said. “The way that you’ve stepped up, the way that you’ve come together, it’s truly inspiring.”

In welcoming remarks, Scot Bemis, chief human resources officer, said this year “will be memorable for everyone,” and later lauded the employees for their roles in Dartmouth’s response to COVID-19.

“Many of you have been on the front lines throughout this pandemic, coming to campus on a daily basis to ensure the safety and well-being of the students and the rest of the community,” Bemis said during the four-and-a-half-minute-long video.

The faculty and staff recognized the employees’ many contributions, including the knowledge and expertise they bring to their jobs, their hard work, and their commitment to Dartmouth and to one another. As four-season footage of campus rolled on part the screen, the speakers celebrated the opportunity to live, work, teach, and learn at Dartmouth, and in the broader Upper Valley, as well. And they highlighted the dedication of the employees, whose lengths of service range from 10 years to more than four decades.

“It’s very moving to me to see so many staff who have given over such a long period of time to the institution,” said President Hanlon, sitting beside his wife, Gail Gentes. “I’m sorry that we’re not with you there in person.”

Bemis said the long-term employees are the “lifeblood of the organization.”

“I don’t really think we can say enough about those who have been here and are committed to being here a long period of time,” he said. “Thank you for your dedication, commitment, and service.”

10-year honorees, in alphabetical order: Sue Achenbach, Amanda Albright, Justin Assad, Carrie Baughman, Sarah Berger, James Borchert, Lorraine Bosse, Susan Boutwell, Pamela Burghardt, Todd Campbell, Kathleen Carluzzo, Michelle Chamley, William Clark, Andrew Coombs, Christian Darabos, Melissa Dauphinais, Valerie Davio, Donald Dobes, Lucas Downing, John Drye, Susan Ellison, Crystal Fielding, Ray Garcia, Anne Givens, Tara Goodman, Ilana Grallert, David Grant, Teresa Hahn, Morgan Hamilton, Kimberlee Hayward, Alan Heath, Kate Hesser, David Jones, David Kaffeian, Amelia Kahl, Kirk Kardashian, Keum Joo Kim, David Lake, Julia Lane, Kerry Laufer, Meghan Liegel, Ying Liu, Bethany McLeman, Neely McNulty, Jesse Mehrbach, Dana Metes, Rick Moulton, Michelle Murray, Terri Nicholson, Sharon O’Connor, Alison Palizzolo, Jessica Pero, Stephen Pidgeon, Greg Potter, Larissa Pyer, Elicia Rowan, Jane Seibel, Petra Sergent, Lisa Sharp Grady, Harry Sheehy, Patricia Spellman, John Steidl, Audrey Streeter, Glen Tremblay, Thomas Tremblay, Sarah Van Orman, Qianfei Wang, Xiaoxin Wang, Lisa Weiss, Lisa Wentworth, Nicole Williams.

15-year honorees: Robert Ash, Theresa Barry, Kathleen Bryar, Kimberly Bushey, Lora Coble, Tammy Connolly, Richard Cote, Christopher Curtis, Eric Dauphinais, Donna DeCoff, Judith Doherty, Shawn Dohrn, John Farr, Scott Frew, Gregory Frost, Robin Frye, T. Georgantes, Timothy Good, Joel Goodrich, Thomas Hampton, Joseph Helble, Sam Hopkins, Lawrence Hudson, Evelyn Huppert, Christopher Ivanyi, Jaime Kingsbury, Richard Langdell, Diana Lawrence, Carl Longshore, Samuel McCorkle, Laura McDaniel, Vincent McDow, Darren McGowan, Joanne Messineo, Amy Newcomb, Ann O’Hara-Hughes, Erica Partington, Eileen Potts, Brian Reid, John Reynolds, Philip Robinson, Courtney Rogers, Darlene Royce, Paul Schmidt, Todd Slocum, Colleen Sullivan, Guinevere Tisdale, David Townsend, Karen Welch, Jody Willcox, Kim Wind, Pamela Yeh, Matthew Zayatz.

20-year honorees: Peter Allen, Suzanne Auerbach, Roxanna Barnaby, Curt Barthel, Angela Beaupre, Michael Blake, David Bowden, Sandra Brown, Maria Celaya, Seth Chambers, Erin Clark, Rachael Class-Giguere, Peter Cornelius, Barb Crawford, Cameron Cudhea, Daniel Cullen, Sandra Derouin, Deborah Edwards, Travis Gere, Monica Godfrey, Jeffrey Gould, Lucinda Hall, Christianne Hardy, Nicole Hewett, Donna Hill, Stephen Johnson, Diana Kiefer, Buckley Lawrence, Lisa Lee, Deanna Mansfield, Stephen McAllister, David McGrath, Hillary Milne, Amy Mitson, Tracy Moloney, Vanessa Moy, Nils Nadeau, Peter Nowell, Dale Ordway, Tina Perley, Gerald Rice, Richard Rielly, Amber Ruggles, Roberta Shin, Susan Simon, Jennifer Smith, Kathy Stroffolino, Stewart Stryker, Paul Sunde, Buddy Teevens, Nicholas Thurston, William Tibbits, Tim Tregubov, Jocelyn Troy, Daniel Vie, James Washington, Cynthia Welch, Lorri Wettemann, Donald White, Paul Wolfson, Kimberly Wood, Michael Young.

25-year honorees: Nancy Allison, David Aman, Colleen Andrasko, Timothy Beauchene, Jean Blandin, Ann Bunnell, Janet Cheney, Barbara Currier, John Currier, Susan Davis, Sean Dunten, Heather Earle, Martin Emerson, Shireen Geimer, Lisa Hayes, Judy Jarvis, Wadeane Kunz, Kerry Landers, Craig Layne, Jennifer Marcroft, Claire McNamara, Donna O’Gara, Helene Rassias-Miles, William Riehl, Patrick Rogers, Barbara Sagraves, Darryl Slicer, Brenda Thisell, Lorraine Turner.

30-year honorees: Hazen Allen, Dale Balch, Amanda Bushor, Zenghong Chen, Brenda Clukey, Anita Dole, Bruce Dunn, Steven Edes, Ginger Farewell Lawrence, William Gray, Katherine Hart, Patricia Hedin, Lisa King, Richard LaRocque, Rebecca Lee, David Lemere, Ann Malenka, David McGuire, Leila Mott, Mary Moul, Laurie Noblet, Christopher Peck, Cornelia Purcell, Jean Reichert, Jacqueline Smith, Kenneth Snelling, Janet Terp, Cami Thompson Graves, Scott Villeneuve, Robert Whalen, Theresa Woodward.

35-year honorees: Julie Bell, Aileen Chaltain, Walburga Croteau, Karl Emde, Cynthia Falzarano, Barbara Fox, Da-Shih Hu, Joan Morris, Kathleen O’Neill, Elizabeth Stanley.

40-year honorees: Catherine Chang, Roger Dauphinais, Dee Fillian, Janet MacElman, Julie McIntyre, Kenneth Orndorff, Sandra Robinson.

45-year honoree: Judy Lowell.

For the latest information on Dartmouth’s response to the pandemic visit the COVID-19 website.

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