Dartmouth Becomes Tobacco-Free on March 18

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The use of most nicotine-delivery products will be prohibited.

Dartmouth campus from above
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Dartmouth has adopted a nonsmoking policy, effective March 18. The policy prohibits use of tobacco or nicotine-delivery products by students, staff, faculty, or visitors on any property owned, operated or occupied by Dartmouth.

Not prohibited will be nicotine-delivery products such as patches and gum that are used for smoking cessation. Also, exemptions to the policy may be granted for religious or cultural observances.

The policy applies to all indoor and outdoor public and private spaces, including common areas, conference rooms, residential space, on- and off-campus housing controlled or managed by the College, fraternities and sororities, parking lots, Dartmouth-owned or leased vehicles, and any public streets or sidewalks within 20 feet of a Dartmouth building.

“Dartmouth is committed to providing a healthy environment for our community,” says President Philip J. Hanlon ’77. “Given the growing evidence that tobacco use is a risk factor for a variety of life-threatening diseases, including COVID-19, we would like to provide every opportunity possible for all of our community members to protect themselves.”

Chief Human Resources Officer Scot Bemis says that leading up to the March 18 implementation date and beyond, Dartmouth will offer a full slate of tobacco-cessation resources and support to the community.

“Dartmouth recognizes that nicotine is addictive and often requires treatment. The policy is designed to encourage people within the Dartmouth community who use tobacco-based products to seek treatment,” says Bemis.

The following campus resources are available to all community members:

  • Faculty and staff can access a variety of tobacco-cessation resources, including medications, and online and telephone programs, through the Wellness at Dartmouth office or by calling (603) 646-3706.
  • The Dartmouth College Health Service provides tobacco-cessation treatment for students, including prescriptions for medications and counseling, and can be reached at (603) 646-9401.
  • The Student Wellness Center also provides tobacco-cessation support for students and can be reached at Student.Wellness.Center@dartmouth.edu or by calling (603) 646-9414.
  • Wellness and health counselors can also connect community members with a number of web-, phone-, and app-based programs for quitting smoking.

For more information or to ask questions about the policy, visit the website.

William Platt can be reached at william.c.platt@dartmouth.edu.

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