VIDEO: Celebrating Black Legacy Month

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Student organizers explain the significance of this year’s celebration.


Throughout February, Dartmouth is celebrating Black Legacy Month with virtual gatherings and campus installations that highlight the legacy of Black students, faculty, and staff. Angela Brizant, an assistant dean of pluralism and leadership, and Ana Sumbo ’22 and Anthony Fosu ’24, members of the planning committee, explain the history and importance of this year’s celebration, the theme of which is “Defining a Generation: The Triumph, Power, and Legacy of Black Women.”

“The big difference this year has been trying to figure out how to keep the community engaged and how to get the rest of the Dartmouth community to engage with celebrations of Blackness when everyone is running on Zoom fatigue and just having a hard time connecting overall,” says Sumbo. “We really wanted to create events that were engaging on a virtual platform but also called for the attention of not only Black students but the greater Dartmouth community.”

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