Rally for Ukraine on the Green

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Community members came together on Feb. 25 to show their support for Ukraine.

More than 60 people gathered on the Green in the snowy late afternoon on Feb. 25 to support Ukraine and condemn the Russian invasion of the country. Faculty, students, and others brought Ukrainian flags, posters, and leaflets to make their case.

(Photos by Robert Gill)

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A rally for Ukraine at the Dartmouth campus
Woman with poster that reads "Stand with Ukraine"
Maria Roodnitsky, Max Pico, Kirill Lanski
Holding the Ukrainian flag are Maria Roodnitsky ’22, who was born in Kyiv, Ukraine; Max Pivo ’22; and Kirill Lanski ’23, whose parents are Russian and Ukrainian.
German Professor Yuliya Komska speaking at the Ukraine rally in the snow
Associate Professor of Russian Victoria Somoff speaks at the rally.
Nathan Syvash '25, Marta Hulievska '25, and Yevheniia Dubrova '24 
Ukrainian citizens Nathan Syvash ’25, Marta Hulievska ’25, and Yevheniia Dubrova ’24 speak to the rally crowd.
Nathan Syvash, Yuliya Komska, and Yevheniia Dubrova
Speaking to the crowd are, from left, Nathan Syvash ’25, a Ukrainian citizen; Associate Professor of German Studies Yuliya Komska; and Yevheniia Dubrova ’24, who is also Ukrainian. (Photo by Robert Gill)
Marta Hulievska and Natalia May
Marta Hulievska ’25, at left, talks with Natalia May of Hartland, Vt. May was born in Russia.
Nathan Syvash, Marta Hulievska, and Yevheniia Dubrova
Pictured are Nathan Syvash ’25, Marta Hulievska ’25, and Yevheniia Dubrova ’24.
Students holding poster that reads "block the sky"