Putting Music to Film

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A film scoring class introduces students to the aesthetics and the craft.

Chase Harvey playing an instrument
Chase Harvey ’25 says the class has made him more aware of how sounds and music play a key role in a film. (Video by Chris Johnson)

A musical score can highlight the emotion conveyed in a film, can help lead it along, and, of course, adds another dimension to the visual effect.

Given the growing interest in visual formats and multimedia, Professor of Music Kui Dong taught “Music 30.02: Film Scoring” in spring term.

The creative writing course “explores the fundamental craftsmanship and aesthetic aspects of composing for film and media,” and also has students create original music and sound for four types of films.

“A good film score provides emotional needs for the imagery and heightens the pace, the mood, and ‘timbre’ of the story through audio experience,” she says.

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