Lone Pine Excellence Awards Honor Staff

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Employees recognized for innovation, leadership, passion, and tireless commitment.

Caroline Eastman and her colleagues receive the Unsung Hero Award.
Caroline Eastman is met with cheers as Josh Keniston, vice president of Campus Services and institutional projects, presents the Unsung Hero award to the custodial team of, Eastman, John Cardi, Edmond Cadieux Jr., and, not pictured Kimberly Baker Farr. The team was nominated by students for their work keeping buildings, labs, and workspaces clean and safe. (Photo by Katie Lenhart)

The Lone Pine Excellence Awards were celebrated in person, after a three-year hiatus, at a reception in the Hanover Inn ballroom with President Philip J. Hanlon ’77 and other senior leaders offering thanks to the people whose vital work is often not in the spotlight. 

Executive Vice President Rick Mills welcomed the crowd of more than 100 people on Sept. 21, including coworkers and family members who turned out to cheer and applaud the awardees.

Mills said that he has learned over his career that building a great academic institution is about more than implementing the latest technology or building state-of-the art facilities.

“What really makes a great academic place is the people. It’s not the buildings, it’s not the technology, it’s the people. And it’s the people from custodial staff to chemical-stocking staff, to the faculty, to the students, to the financial person who processes transactions, to the human resources folks who plan events and help hire people,” he said.

“And Dartmouth, more than anywhere I’ve ever seen, embodies a place where it is the people who make it special,” he said.

President Hanlon underscored the gratitude that his senior leadership team has for the people whose daily efforts makes Dartmouth extraordinary.

“It is a joy for me to be here today for this year’s Lone Pine Excellence Awards, and to all of our awardees, congratulations. It is an absolute privilege to celebrate and honor you today,” he said.

“As much as today is a day to recognize our colleagues’ achievements and contributions to our campus, it is also an opportunity for us in senior leadership to say thank you to all members of Dartmouth’s exceptional staff,” Hanlon said. “It’s your heavy lifting that so often makes the ambitions of our community possible.”

The Lone Pine Excellence Awards, launched in 2018 by the Office of Human Resources, recognize excellence in six categories: collaboration, innovation, leadership, passion, and commitment; unsung hero; and diversity and inclusion.

The program also awards the Sheila Culbert Distinguished Employee Award, established in 2008 by former President James Wright and his wife, Susan DeBevoise Wright, to honor a Dartmouth staff member who is selfless and unwavering in their dedication to Dartmouth, and relentless in the pursuit of excellence.

The Sheila Culbert Distinguished Employee Award
President Phil Hanlon '77 presents Richard Whitmore with the Sheila Culbert Distinguished Employee Award.
President Philip J. Hanlon ’77 presents Richard Whitmore, deputy athletics director, with the Sheila Culbert Distinguished Employee Award. Established in 2008 by former President James Wright and Susan DeBevoise Wright, the annual award honors a staff member “who is selfless and unwavering in dedication to Dartmouth, and is relentless in the pursuit of excellence.” (Photo by Katie Lenhart)

The Lone Pine Excellence awards were presented in six categories:

The Collaboration Award
Timothy Duggan with President Phil Hanlon '77.
Collis Center Assistant Director Timothy Duggan, recipient of the Collaboration Award, stands with President Hanlon after the presentation. (Photo by Katie Lenhart)
The Innovation Award
The Rockefeller Center for Public Policy and the Social Sciences Team.
Joanne Blais, Bob Coates, Robin T. Frye, Laura Mitchell, and Leslie Wagner-Ould Ismail of the Nelson A. Rockefeller Center for Public Policy team stand with, third from the left, government professor John Carey, associate dean for the social sciences, and President Hanlon after receiving the Innovation Award. Team member Laura Hemlock is not pictured. (Photo by Katie Lenhart)
The Leadership Award
James Barkley III with President Phil Hanlon '77.
Leadership Award recipient James Barkley III, director of Advancement Data and Support Services, stands with President Hanlon. (Photo by Katie Lenhart)
The Passion and Commitment Award
Oleg Timoshenko with President Phil Hanlon '77.
Recipient of the Passion and Commitment Award, Oleg Timoshenko, technical program coordinator with Information, Technology, and Consulting, stands with President Hanlon. (Photo by Katie Lenhart)
The Unsung Hero Award—Geisel
Mikki Jaeger and President Phil Hanlon '77
Unsung Hero Award recipient Mikki Jaeger, registrar at Geisel School of Medicine, stands with President Hanlon. (Photo by Katie Lenhart)
The Unsung Hero Award—Campus Services
Unsung Hero Award recipients stand with President Phil Hanlon '77 and Asia Flad.
Unsung Hero Award recipients Edmond L Cadieux Jr., John Cardi, and Caroline Eastman, Campus Services custodial team stand with President Hanlon, and Campus Services supervisor Asia Flad (far right). Not pictured Kim Baker Farr. (Photo by Katie Lenhart)
The Diversity and Inclusion Award
Amanda Bassett photographed with President Phil Hanlon '77
Recipient of the Diversity and Inclusion Award, Amanda Bassett, director of alumni engagement and strategic events from the Office of Development and Alumni Engagement at Dartmouth-Hitchcock/Geisel School of Medicine, stands with President Hanlon. (Photo by Katie Lenhart)
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