Ten Staff Members Receive Lone Pine Recognition Awards

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A ceremony and reception honored the employees and their contributions to Dartmouth.

People standing and clapping
Coworkers applaud Tina Hoisington, events coordinator at the Geisel School of Medicine, as she walks to the podium to receive the Passion and Commitment Award. (Photo by Kata Sasvari)

The Lone Pine Staff Recognition Awards ceremony in the Hanover Inn ballroom last week honored employees for their outstanding contributions to Dartmouth.

The annual awards symbolize all that is Dartmouth—the ability to lead, “to speak truth to power, to set an example for others,” Executive Vice President Rick Mills told an enthusiastic audience in his welcoming remarks at the May 9 ceremony. “All of our award recipients have done that in one form or another and have done so much to contribute to our community.”

The winners included employees from Advancement, the Dartmouth Cancer CenterGeisel School of MedicineHood Museum of ArtHopkins Center for the ArtsMagnuson Center for EntrepreneurshipOffice of Environmental Health and Safety, and the departments of Religion and Philosophy.

Introducing President Philip J. Hanlon ’77, Mills noted that it was the last Lone Pine awards ceremony he would attend as president and said that from the day they arrived on campus, President Hanlon and Gail Gentes have deeply valued Dartmouth staff members’ contributions.

“They truly appreciate and believe in what’s been done in this community,” Mills said.

Hanlon said he was especially pleased that the 2022 awards garnered 115 nominations, testimony to just how much the Dartmouth community values staff members’ work.

That the awardees rose to the top from among so many impressive nominations speaks volumes about their ability to both support and lead, attributes that together “make them truly exceptional colleagues,” he told the crowd of award winners, colleagues, friends, and family members, several toting bouquets for the guests of honor.

In addition to recognizing the awardees and their contributions, the Lone Pine event is also an opportunity to thank all staff members for their efforts “to help Dartmouth, our students, and all of us, including Gail and me, be the very best that we can be,” Hanlon said. “It’s your heavy lifting that so often makes the ambitions of our community attainable.”

Established by the Office of Human Resources in 2018, the Lone Pine Excellence Awards honor individuals or teams in six categories: collaboration, innovation, diversity and inclusion, leadership, passion and commitment, and unsung hero. 

The Lone Pine Staff Recognition Program also includes the Sheila Culbert Distinguished Employee Award. Established by then-President James Wright and his wife, Susan DeBevoise Wright, in 2008, the award recognizes a staff member who has made a difference to Dartmouth and to their colleagues; demonstrates a commitment to the highest work ethic and exemplary work performance; is selfless and unwavering in dedication to the College; and is relentless in the pursuit of excellence.

Here are the 2022 award winners:

Sheila Culbert Distinguished Employee Award
Philip Hanlon and Greg Elder
Greg Elder, director of the student woodshop in the Hopkins Center for the Arts, stands with President Philip J. Hanlon ’77, who presented him with the Sheila Culbert Distinguished Employee Award. (Photo by Kata Sasvari)
Collaboration Award
Sharon Reed accepting a gift from David Kotz
Sharon Reed, programs and events coordinator at the Hood Museum of Art, receives the Collaboration Award, presented by Provost David Kotz ’86. (Photo by Kata Sasvari)
Diversity and Inclusion Award
Cindy Hodgdon Welch, Philip Hanlon, and Alexis Kanda-Olmstead
Diversity and Inclusion Award recipients Cindy Hodgdon Welch, left, a recruiter in Advancement, and Alexis Kanda-Olmstead, director of talent management in Advancement, stand with President Hanlon after the ceremony. (Photo by Kata Sasvari)
Innovation Award
David Kotz, Bethany Solomon and Barry Schweitzer
Dartmouth Innovations Accelerator for Cancer team members Barry Schweitzer, right, associate director, Magnuson Center for Entrepreneurship, and Bethany Solomon, executive director of development, Dartmouth Cancer Center, stand with Provost David Kotz ’86, who presented them and Jamie Coughlin, executive director, Magnuson Center for Entrepreneurship (not present), with the Innovation Award. (Photo by Kata Sasvari)
Leadership Award
Philip Hanlon and Bree Carlson
Leadership Award recipient Bree Carlson, associate director, Environmental Health and Safety Compliance and Fire Safety, stands with President Hanlon after the ceremony.  (Photo by Kata Sasvari)
Unsung Hero Award
Meredyth Morley and Sam Levey
Unsung Hero Award recipient Meredyth Morley, department administrator, Religion and Philosophy departments, stands with Sam Levey, associate dean for arts and humanities, who presented her with the award.  (Photo by Kata Sasvari)
Passion and Commitment Award
Duane Compton, Tina Hoisington, and Philip Hanlon
Awardee Tina Hoisington, events coordinator at the Geisel School of Medicine, stands with Geisel Dean Duane Compton, left, and President Hanlon after the ceremony. Hoisington was presented with the Passion and Commitment Award. (Photo by Kata Sasvari)

The ceremony is also on Dartmouth’s YouTube channel.

Nominations for the 2023 awards will open in November.

Aimee Minbiole