Doing ‘The Fifty’

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Students with the Dartmouth Outing Club hike back to campus, nonstop and overnight, from Moosilauke Ravine Lodge.

About three dozen students attempted to hike the 50 miles from Moosilauke Ravine Lodge back to Hanover, starting Friday and overnight into Saturday, in one go and with no sleep in the Dartmouth Outing Club event known as The Fifty.

Along the way, they were given food, first aid, and hugs at support stations run by enthusiastic, flair-clad fellow students. Just under 30 students made it the whole way.

Caroline Mahony , Naya Lunney, Dara Casey, and Anna St. Jean hike away from the Ravine lodge
Caroline Mahony ’25, Naya Lunney ’25, Dara Casey ’25, and Anna St. Jean ’25 set out from Moosilauke Ravine Lodge in the White Mountains as support teams cheer them on. In all, nine 4-person teams embarked on the 50-mile hike to Hanover. (Photo by Katie Lenhart)
Wyatt Ellison and others hike across a bridge
Wyatt Ellison ’25 leads his team across the bridge near Moosilauke Ravine Lodge. They had just set out on the 2023 version of The Fifty. (Photo by Katie Lenhart)
Students sit outside a cabin
Students with the Outing Club set up a “Great Bearrier Reef” support station at the Outing Club’s Great Bear Cabin—the first of five support stations along the 50-mile trek. (Photo by Katie Lenhart)
Students bandage blistered feet
Sophie Lewis ’25 tapes up classmate Marina Wang’s blistered foot at the Great Bearrier Reef support station. (Photo by Katie Lenhart)
Students blow bubbles
Faye Benjamin ’25 looks on as Klara Meyer ’24 and Reese Bragg ’25 blow bubbles at a support station on the route. (Photo by Katie Lenhart)
Students talking outside a cabin
Nathan McAllister ’25, Justin Pavan ’25, and Mason McIlwain ’25 chat with Sophie Lewis ’25 after arriving at the Great Bearrier Reef support station. Carter Kruse ’25 and Brendan Chia ’25 talk with Gannon Forsberg ’25 in the background. (Photo by Katie Lenhart)
Sandwiches and peanut butter and jelly on a table
Snacks and sandwiches await hungry hikers about 3 hours into The Fifty. (Photo by Katie Lenhart)
Students arrive on campus after completing 'The Fifty'
Charlie Rudge ’25, Wyatt Ellison’25, Jeremy Gart ’25, and Alejo Rincon ’25 hike into Hanover on Saturday, finishing the last mile of The Fifty after starting on Friday at Moosilauke Ravine Lodge. (Photo by Sophia Scull ’25)
Students are congratulated after hiking "The Fifty'
Meredith Thomas ’25 runs through a crowd of supporters outside Robinson Hall after finishing The Fifty with her team. (Photo by Sophia Scull ’25)