Gary Xia Named Director of Student Time Away

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Xia will help support students who take time away for medical reasons.

Gary Xia
Gary Xia will join the Office of the Provost as director of student time away on Feb. 26. He has served as deputy Title IX coordinator since 2019. (Photo by Katie Lenhart)

Gary Xia, currently deputy Title IX coordinator for response, has been named the director of student time away, where he will work with the Dartmouth College Health Service and each of the schools to support undergraduate, graduate, and professional school students who need to take time away for medical reasons. 

Xia will join the Office of the Provost as director of student time away on Feb. 26. 

The director of student time away position grew out of President Sian Leah Beilock’s inauguration pledge to make mental health and wellness an institutional priority, says Provost David Kotz ’86, whose office oversaw the development of the new time away for medical reasons policy.

“Gary’s work as a strong advocate for and counselor to Dartmouth students as deputy Title IX coordinator and in OPAL shows he is well suited to help students who are dealing with health concerns get the most out of the time away policy while still maintaining a strong connection to the Dartmouth community,” Kotz says.

Dartmouth in September announced the updated policy, which protects the rights of all students—undergraduate, graduate, and professional—to take time away from their studies because of their health, including mental health, and expands the support and resources available to students while taking medical time away.

In coordination with the Health Service and each student’s school, Xia will be the single point of contact helping to support and simplify the student experience when taking medical time away, providing students with a better connection to campus while away, and assisting them in planning their return. The position also includes coordination of time away for personal reasons and time away related to military service.

Since 2019, Xia has served as deputy Title IX coordinator for response in matters of sexual and gender-based misconduct, responding to reports and coordinating the resolution process. During his time at Dartmouth he has also worked in the Office of Pluralism and Leadership as an academic and personal adviser to students from underrepresented groups to ensure their success at Dartmouth. He is also the live-in adviser at Triangle House.

Xia has a bachelor’s degree in mental health and human services from the University of Maine and a master’s degree in higher education administration from New England College.

Senior Associate Provost Kenya Tyson, who led the search committee, thanks fellow members of the panel for their work in recommending Xia for the position.

Dartmouth last week announced the appointment of Estevan Garcia as the chief health and wellness officer, a position envisioned by President Beilock in her emphasis on mental health and wellness. He starts on March 4.

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