A path forward


To the Dartmouth community,

Following discussions with the remaining students involved in a hunger strike, we are pleased to share that they have chosen to end the strike. In a show of good faith, we want to publicly address some of their concerns.

First, we begin by reiterating a point we have made many times, and which bears repeating: Islamophobia—as well as antisemitism and any form of hate—has no place on our campus. Palestinian, Muslim, and Arab students at Dartmouth are valued members of our community, and we know they are hurting. Multiple incidents on campus and in the surrounding communities, including the shooting of three Palestinian students in Burlington, Vermont, this winter, have added to the pain and anxiety that was already being felt by these students because of the war in Gaza. We also must recognize that our Jewish community is deeply in pain as well, following the October 7th terrorist attack.

Second, we know some members of our community disagreed with the arrest of two students for trespassing on the lawn of Parkhurst Hall in the fall, feeling that these students were unfairly characterized. After discussions with these students, we now understand that they are consistently nonviolent activists.

Regarding divestment, the bar is high, and Dartmouth’s Board of Trustees has specific criteria that must be met before it can consider a proposal. The Advisory Committee on Investor Responsibility, made up of faculty, students, staff, and alumni, is the body that evaluates proposals. The committee’s chair, Josh Keniston, will meet termly over the course of the year with the Dartmouth New Deal coalition. The committee is available to engage with all interested faculty and student groups who are studying investment issues. These discussions can help make transparent the process for submitting and reviewing written proposals for consideration, ensure diligent responses to submissions, and explain related criteria including how the community needs to come to consensus to support a proposal.

We recognize that our diverse backgrounds broaden our understanding of the world. We appreciate that the exchange of ideas—especially conflicting ones—strengthens our intellect and makes for an inclusive community.

My door is always open to all of you.


Scott C. Brown
Dean of the College