Dartmouth Entrepreneurs Forum in New York City

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Highlights from the Entrepreneurs Hall of Fame induction ceremony and the Greenshot competition.

Event attendees enjoying a bird's-eye view of Manhattan
Attendees at the Entrepreneurs Hall of Fame ceremony enjoyed a bird’s-eye view of Manhattan. (Photo by Julia Levine ’23)
Jeff Crowe, Jake Tapper, and Jamie Coughlin applauding Shonda Rhimes
From left, outgoing Magnuson Center Board of Advisors Chair Jeff Crowe ’78, Jake Tapper ’91, and Magnuson Executive Director Jamie Coughlin applaud Shonda Rhimes ’91 upon the Shondaland CEO and founder’s induction into the Entrepreneurs Hall of Fame. (Photo by Herb Swanson)
Keith Dunleavy hugging Martin Weinstein
Keith Dunleavy ’91, center, hugs Martin Weinstein ’81 at Dunleavy’s induction into Dartmouth’s Entrepreneurs Hall of Fame. At left is Jamie Coughlin, the founding executive director of the Magnuson Center for Entrepreneurship. (Photo by Julia Levine ’23)
Attendees waving glowsticks
Attendees wave glowsticks to accompany a song Magnuson Center executive director Jamie Coughlin wrote and performed for the Hall of Fame ceremony. At center is former Dartmouth Board of Trustees chair Susan Dentzer ’77. (Photo by Herb Swanson)
Members of the Rune Aero team making a pitch
Members of the Rune Aero team make their pitch during the Greenshot competition for climate entrepreneurs. (Photo by Julia Levine ’23)
Wesley Whitaker and Spencer Dansereau discussing their startup venture
Mach Electric co-founders Wesley Whitaker, Guarini ’12, left, and Spencer Dansereau discuss their startup venture, which aims to produce aerospace-grade carbon fiber through a process that sequesters carbon dioxide from industrial sources. Mach Electric won Dartmouth’s inaugural $75,000 Greenshot competition intended to help climate entrepreneurs bring their product to market. (Photo by Julia Levine ’23)