‘Creating a More Mindful Dartmouth’

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Plum Village monastics share strategies for applying mindfulness to everyday life.

Plum Village Monk leading meditation

(Video by Chris Johnson)

Monastics from Deer Park Monastery in California and Magnolia Grove Monastery in Mississippi were on campus for a week in April to lead classroom visits, meditation practice, walks, and retreats with students, faculty, and staff.

Trained in the Plum Village tradition, the monastics helped raise awareness of mindful living and gave the community a chance to practice with them.

“Mindfulness is the kind of energy that helps us to be aware of what’s going on in ourselves and around us, and also bring healing to whatever kind of suffering or difficulty we have inside of us,” says Brother Phap Luu ’97, one of the monks who visited campus. “So then when we learn to do that for ourselves, then we can do it for other people.”

Chris Johnson