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  • ecoRI News

    Pitch pine forests are in more danger from southern pine beetles than mixed-tree forests are, finds a Dartmouth study led by Carissa Aoki, a postdoctoral research associate and lecturer. The study can help forest-protection efforts, she says.

  • Navajo-Hopi Observer

    “I almost didn’t apply to Dartmouth because I knew how difficult it was to get into an Ivy League school. I was really scared of rejection. But, it’s really true, you won’t know what will happen unless you try,” says Kayleigh Paddock.

  • The New York Times

    Research by Dartmouth’s Thalia Wheatley and colleagues indicates the roots of friendship go deeper than had been thought. Reported in Nature Communications, the scientists’ findings are “about something we call good chemistry,” writes the paper.

  • Foreign Policy

    Among the questions Dartmouth’s Daniel Benjamin says he’d ask the man who might become secretary of state: “Do you agree with Trump’s assertion that he is ‘the only one that matters’? If you do agree, why do you want to be secretary of state?”

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