The Science of Better Choices


For more than a decade, Punan Anand Keller has investigated ways to decrease the cost of health care without sacrificing quality, reports the Tuck School of Business news site.


Social marketing professor Punam Anand Keller researches the factors that influence choices in health behavior. (photo courtesy of the Tuck School)

Unlike many other researchers, Keller, the Charles Henry Jones Third Century Professor of Management at the Tuck School, comes at it from a perspective other than economics. “I’m a social marketer,” she says. “I am someone who uses the marketing framework to increase individual health and well-being.”

Her studies on choice look at how preventive health questions are phrased: will people participate in health promotion programs more if they are asked to opt-in, opt-out, or make an “enhanced active choice”? The latter means not only asking a question but also paying attention to its content.

Keller found that adding factual information about the benefits of the behavior not only increases the number of people saying opting in, but also increases the likelihood they will follow-through.

Read the full story, published by Tuck School news.

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