Laurel J. Richie: The ‘WNBA’ Interview with Kam Williams (Electronic Urban Report)


In an extensive interview with Electronic Urban Report, Laurel Richie ’81, a Dartmouth trustee and the president of the Women’s Basketball Association (WNBA) talks about her path to becoming the first African American woman to serve as president of a U.S. professional sports league, the importance of mentorship, the Olympics, and her goals for the WNBA.

Richie, who became president of the WNBA in 2011, is excited about the future of the league. “In many ways, I think the WNBA is changing the way America views women and is having a positive impact on the way America views professional athletes. We’re showing the world what women can be as athletes and what athletes can be as citizens,” Richie says in the interview. “And when you look beyond the players to owners, coaches, trainers, accountants, and chief operating officers—it’s a wonderful example of what women can achieve in sports and in business.”

Read the full story, published 7/29/12 in Electronic Urban Report.

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