When Food Is Not a Bargain (Valley News)


According to a new study led by Professor Kusum Ailawadi of the Tuck School of Business, price is the No. 1 factor influencing consumers’ food purchases, reports the Valley News.

“Even with all good intentions, with our concern for nutrition, when we see something that’s too expensive and we can’t afford it, we don’t buy it. When we see something on sale, we buy it, even though it may not be very good for us,” Ailawadi, the Charles Jordan 1911 TU’12 Professor of Marketing, tells the newspaper. “This is more of a (call to) consumers to wake up and be even more conscious of what you buy.”

Ailawadi offers the following advice to food marketers: “If you want to keep your consumer franchise and not lose them completely, then make better products, make healthier products.”

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