The Power of Bernanke (CNBC)


After Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke announced during a July 10 speech that the Fed would continue to support the U.S. economy, stocks surged. Several media outlets turned to experts from Dartmouth for their insights about market response to Bernanke’s remarks.

As a guest on CNBC, the Tuck School of Business’ Matthew Slaughter says that while Chairman Bernanke is influential, there are other factors at play. “Chairman Bernanke is one-fourth what determines the value of asset prices,” says Slaughter, the associate dean for faculty, Signal Companies’ Professor of Management, and faculty director of the Center for Global Business and Government. “But there are lot of other things . . . there are deep changes happening in the global economy with the rise of incomes in emerging markets, with technological change. Those are things that help determine the value of individual stocks and markets overall. Chairman Bernanke has to try to take account of all of that as well. It is quite involved.”

Watch the full story, broadcast 7/11/13 on CNBC.

In an interview with Yahoo! Finance’s “The Daily Ticker,” Dartmouth’s David Blanchflower, the Bruce V. Rauner Professor of Economics, says, “Bernanke made it absolutely clear that policy in his view was going to remain highly accommodative, looking at both inflation and unemployment.”

Blanchflower continues, “This is Bernanke showing that he’s the boss, that he’s the chairman. Essentially, on this Fed, the chairman drives things.”

Watch the full story, broadcast 7/11/13 on Yahoo! Finance.

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