How to Value Twitter (The Wall Street Journal)


Wall Street Journal
After Twitter filed for its Initial Public Offering, The Wall Street Journal turned to the Tuck School of Business’ Anant Sundaram for his expertise on how to value the company.

Sundaram, the article notes, provides two models, one that compares Twitter to Facebook and LinkedIn, and another that compares it to Google. The value for Twitter, according to Sundaram’s models, is between $5 billion and $7.8 billion.

“This is simply a ‘what if’ analysis,” Sundaram, a visiting professor of business administration, tells the Journal. “All we can really do is make judgments based on what other similar companies have done in the past. … It’s not like there’s some magic bullet that we’re missing here.”

Read the full story, published 9/13/13 by The Wall Street Journal.

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