Analysis of Food Shopping Choices, Without the Lecture (NHPR)


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As shoppers head to the grocery store to shop for their holiday meals,Kusum Ailawadi, the Charles Jordan 1911 TU ’12 Professor of Marketing at the Tuck School of Business, talks to NHPR about food purchasing behavior.

Price and promotions drive food purchases, says Ailawadi. “We are so much more influenced in our shopping by the prices and special deals that we see in the stores than any of our own characteristics and our self-control and our health consciousness,” she tells NHPR. “So that’s both a good thing and a bad thing. The bad thing is then, if we let prices and promotions dictate to us, we may end up buying things that really are no good for us. But on the other hand, making smart use of promotions is a good way for us to save money and get what we wanted, but to get it at a better price.”

Listen to the full story, broadcast 11/26/13 on NHPR.

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