Sydney Finkelstein’s Best and Worst CEOs of 2013 (CNN Money)


Since 2010, Professor Sydney Finkelstein of the Tuck School of Business has issued his list of the worst CEOs of the year. This year, he also includes the best CEOs of the year, a happy thing for Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, who tops the “best” list, CNN Money reports.

The “best” list also includes Akio Toyoda of Toyota; Pony Ma of Tencent; John Idol of Michael Kors; and Reed Hastings of Netflix, CNN Money reports.

“For Bezos, everything is extreme,” writes Finkelstein, associate dean for executive education and the Steven Roth Professor of Management. “His long-term focus is unbelievable, as is his focus on customers. Coming up with the drone story the day before Cyber Monday, how good is that? And he is attracting the best MBA candidates, even though there’s nothing inherently sexy about the core of what they do.”

The “worst CEOs” list includes Eike Batista of the EBX Group; Ron Johnson of J.C. Penney; Thorsten Heins of Blackberry; Eddie Lampert of Sears Holdings; and Steve Balmer of Microsoft.

Read the full story, published 12/11/13 by CNN Money.

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