Midas List: More Liberal Arts-Trained Investors (Forbes)


In a story about its 2014 “Midas List” of those it considers the best venture capitalists in the world, Forbes writes that they are as likely to be “philosophers, historians, or jazz musicians” as they are computer scientists.

On the list are six Dartmouth alumni: Jeffrey Crowe ’78; Scott Sandell ’86; Bryan Roberts ’89; Josh Stein ’95; Terry McGuire, Thayer ’82; Peter Barris, Tuck ’77; and Hurst Lin, Thayer ’88.

“Looking closer at the type of undergraduate degrees Midas Listers earned, we found that this year’s crop of venture capitalists were almost equally split between BA and BS degrees, with 9 percent taking home both. Even if the industry is dominated singularly by information technology, the data suggests that the year’s most successful venture investors were more diverse in their undergraduate education,” writes Forbes.

Read the full story, published 3/26/14 by Forbes.

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