Tortoise Versus Hare at Work (BBC)


In his latest BBC “Syd Weighs In” column, Sydney Finkelstein of the Tuck School of Business asks, “How important is experience, and even age, to successful leadership in an era where speed has become a business goal in and of itself?”

Finkelstein, the Steven Roth Professor of Management and the associate dean for executive education at Tuck, says, “There’s no denying the need for speed. Start-ups spend more time on ‘pivots,’ a fancy word for changing direction or business strategy, than ever before, while incremental improvements are probably the best we’ll ever see from more bureaucratic companies. But the devaluation of experience—and that means age, too—has gone so far that wisdom has fallen out of the very definition of business intelligence.”

Read the full opinion piece, published 3/20/14 by the BBC.

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