Quoted: Nyhan, Govindarajan, Benjamin, Fuechtner, and Finkelstein



In recent days, the world’s media, from Bloomberg to the BBC, turned to Dartmouth for comment. Here’s what five professors had to say:

“Of course, elites are not the only source of misperceptions about the existence or severity of the Holocaust, but their role in the phenomenon is hard to deny,” says Professor Brendan Nyhan in an op-ed for The New York Times blog The Upshot.

“Not all innovation is created equal,” says Tuck’s Vijay Govindarajan in a Bloomberg opinion piece about strategic innovation.

“The Germans are stirring. The question is whether Europe’s economic superpower will rise to the occasion,” says the Dickey Center’s Daniel Benjamin in a Boston Globe opinion piece about Germany’s foreign policy.

“The parallels are highly disturbing, but in seeking to portray Modi in a negative light by comparing him to Hitler, these comparisons missed an important point,” says Professor Veronika Fuechtner in a Quartz opinion piece about India’s incoming prime minister.

“What’s the point of having everyone rowing in perfect unison if you’re going the wrong way?” asks Tuck’s Sydney Finkelstein in his latest “Syd Weighs In” column for the BBC.

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