Staff Snapshot: Elaine Livingston

(Photos by Eli Burakian ’00)


Elaine Livingston talks about her job at DCAL, one of the best things about working at the College, and what keeps her busy when she’s not at the office.

Job title: Administrative Assistant, Dartmouth Center for the Advancement of Learning (DCAL)

How long have you been at Dartmouth? Thirteen years this past August.

What path brought you to your field? I’ve always had a knack for the nuts-and-bolts, behind-the-scenes work. I like making sure things are working smoothly, but not being in the spotlight. Administrative and operational work seems to fit me quite well.

What’s at the heart of your role at Dartmouth? The team that I work with is very committed to keeping teaching at Dartmouth tops among colleges and universities nationwide. We all work together so well and feel like the work we do is very important. I couldn’t have asked for a better group to spend my time and energy with in this endeavor.

Favorite part of working here? I love being in the Upper Valley and seeing the seasons change. Working on a college campus means that there is always life and vitality around you, as well as plenty of intellectual discussion and creativity.

What surprised you about Dartmouth as you got to know the place and people? I grew up in a college town on the West Coast (a bit bigger than Hanover), so it surprised me that a community so very far away from where I lived could feel so similar.

What’s the most unusual project you’ve taken on here so far? Before I worked at DCAL, I worked at the medical school on the last Kosovo Project and got the opportunity to go to Prishtina for the final conference. It was an amazing experience to be able to see our work there and be a part of a humanitarian project through my work. Getting the opportunity to see a country on the mend with a different kind of history than I’ve ever experienced was a bonus.

Beyond Dartmouth and after hours, what keeps you busy away from work? I like being creative: knitting, sewing, and taking photos, as well as being outside. I have two daughters who play a variety of sports, so I’m always on the move all over the Upper Valley and Northern New England, especially during the ice hockey season.



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