The Worst CEOs of 2014 (BBC)


In a BBC opinion piece, Tuck School of Business Professor Sydney Finkelstein offers his annual list of the five worst CEOs in the world. The top spot goes this year to Ricardo Espirito Santo Silva Salgado of Banco Esperito Santo (BES) in Portugal.

Finkelstein, the associate dean for executive education and the Steven Roth Professor of Management, explains how he goes about making the list:

“For the last five years I’ve been publishing my annual list of the worst CEOs of the year (and starting last year an accompanying list of the best CEOs of the year). My research team analyses hundreds of companies to identify the very few that not only reported exceptionally poor financial results, but were also led by a CEO whose actions, or inactions, directly affected those results.”

Read the full opinion piece, published 12/17/14 by the BBC.

Finkelstein also talked about his CEO lists with Bloomberg TV’s “Surveillance.” Watch the full interview, broadcast 12/17/14 by Bloomberg TV.

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