Quoted: Amit Bhattacharjee on the Patriots’ ‘Deflategate’


Dartmouth Now takes note when faculty and other members of the community weigh in on issues of the day. Here is today’s “Quoted”: “It’s pretty unambiguous that 11 out of 12 were deflated, but there’s still a lot of ambiguity over how much of an advantage that actually allows for. Even if we assume this was a huge advantage and allowed for a couple of touchdowns, it doesn’t matter. There’s still ample room for scrutiny,” the Tuck School of Business’ Amit Bhattacharjee says in a Boston.com story about the deflation of the Patriots’ footballs during their AFC Championship win against the Indianapolis Colts in Foxborough, Mass. Bhattacharjee is a visiting assistant professor of business administration at Tuck.  

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