About 3-D Printing’s Future (‘Harvard Business Review’)


In a Harvard Business Review story, the Tuck School of Business’ Richard D’Aveni writes that 3-D printing will likely “revolutionize business in the next several years.”

3-D printing has already “moved well beyond prototyping and, as I explain in a new HBR article, it will increasingly be used to produce high-volume parts and products in several industries,” writes D’Aveni, the Bakala Professor of Strategy at Tuck.

“Impressive next-generation technologies are overcoming the last generation’s drawbacks while adding new capabilities,” he writes. “This progress will speed up adoption and propel more experimentation and practical application. What was a niche technique is morphing into a broad-based movement driven by multiple technologies and many kinds of companies.”

Read the full story, published 5/6/15 by Harvard Business Review.

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