Staff Snapshot: Lise Daniels


Lise Daniels
It’s the people and the intellectual atmosphere that make working at Dartmouth a good thing, says Lise Daniels. She is the assistant to the associate dean of the faculty for international students and interdisciplinary programs. An attorney, Daniels keeps up with changes in the law while working full time at the College.

Job title: Assistant to the Associate Dean of the Faculty for International Studies and Interdisciplinary Programs

How long have you been at Dartmouth?

This is my second time working for Dartmouth. In 2006, after finishing my BS degree, I worked in the sleep lab at the medical school. When I came back to the College in February 2012, I began as a temp in the dean of the faculty office but moved into the Arts & Sciences Finance Center for a couple of years before rolling my chair across the hall a year ago.

What’s at the heart of your role at Dartmouth?

Supporting my very busy dean, Lynn Higgins. One of the things I love about this job is how this position is a partnership. The writing, the research, the financial detail work that I do all contribute to her work of supporting the programs and faculty members she’s responsible for.

What’s you favorite part of working here?

I’m surrounded by individuals who are engaged in intellectual pursuits, and being at Dartmouth gives me access to lectures that I would otherwise not be able or likely to attend. That said, my dean and my colleagues are undoubtedly the best part of my job. They’re a congenial and supportive team, even when the stress is high.

Do you have a favorite place on campus?

Wentworth feels very comfortable to me. This building has a great deal of charm, and I love my office.

What path brought you to your field?

Actually, I’m an attorney. The economy failed while I was in law school, and due to family obligations I was unable to relocate to find work as a lawyer. I needed a job to feed my kids, essentially. I knew someone here, and so I was able to get an interview for the temporary position.

What keeps you busy away from work?

I’m still a law geek. I keep up with changes in the law through journals and Continuing Legal Education (CLE) courses. Add three kids, all of whom will be in college in the fall, a dog, and three cats, and I’m fairly busy.

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