A Small Indiana Town Scarred by a Trusted Doctor (‘The New York Times’)



For years, Dr. Arvind Gandhi was a star physician at a community hospital in Munster, Ind. But now, reports The New York Times, Gandhi, a cardiologist, is under investigation for suspicion of performing hundreds of unnecessary procedures.

The Times cited data from The Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice (TDI) showing that the rate of several elective heart procedures in Munster was among the highest in Indiana, despite the fact that the rate of procedures that are not elective was below average in the area.

“What that says is that for procedures that are more discretionary, they are at the top,” David Malenka, a professor of medicine at TDI, told the Times.

The investigation into Gandhi is only one of a number of recent cases against cardiologists for performing unnecessary procedures.

Read the full story, published 10/17/15 by The New York Times.

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