What Amazing Bosses Do Differently (‘Harvard Business Review’)


“We all know that job satisfaction often hinges on the quality of the relationships we have with our bosses,” writes the Tuck School of Business’ Sydney Finkelstein in a Harvard Business Review opinion piece.

And yet, says Finkelstein, the Steven Roth Professor of Management, what is not always clear is “what managers should do to create the most satisfying work experiences and the happiest employees.”

His research brought to light five practices that make work more enjoyable and more meaningful. One of these, he says, is, “Go big on meaning. Most employees value jobs that let them contribute and make a difference, and many organizations now emphasize meaning and purpose in the hopes of fostering engagement.”

Another, he writes, is, “Focus on feedback. A 2013 Society for Human Resource Management survey of managers in the U.S. found that ‘only 2 percent provide ongoing feedback to their employees.’ Just 2 percent!” 

Read the full opinion piece, published 11/29/15 by Harvard Business Review.

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