Portraits of Leadership: 2016 Class Marshals

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Graduates are chosen by their fellow students for their enthusiasm and integrity.

2016 Class Marshals
College photographers Eli Burakian ’00 and Robert Gill shot portraits of this year’s undergraduate and advanced-degree marshals. The marshals were asked to choose their favorite places on campus, and that’s where they were photographed.

Marshals are selected by fellow students on the basis of good citizenship, enthusiasm, integrity, and positive impact on others. The marshals carry batons engraved with their names as they lead their classmates to the Green during the Commencement procession.

View the slideshow or click on any of the names below to view the entry for that graduate.

Student Marshals for Commencement 2016:

Omar Abdelsamad, Tuck ’16

Katherine Elizabeth Bach ’16

Haaris Beg, Geisel ’16

Julia Bradley-Cook, GR ’16

Erin Brioso, MALS ’16

Margaret Brown, TDI ’16

Adam Charnin-Aker ’16

Thienan Dang ’16

Jacob Flores ’16

Anna Grace Gabianelli ’16

Margaux LeBlanc, Thayer ’16

Andrew Nalani ’16

Matthew Rega, TDI ’16

Danny Reitsch ’16

Sarah Rood, Thayer ’16

Dari Daniel Seo Seo ’16

Sophie Sheeline ’16

Bill Platt