Tuck’s Business Bridge Program Celebrates 20th Anniversary

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Alumni events in major cities across the U.S. will help celebrate the program's two decades.

students learning collaboratively
Like the Tuck MBA program, Tuck Bridge is built on the foundation of an immersive and collaborative learning community. (Photo courtesy of the Tuck School of Business)

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In its 20 years at Tuck, the Business Bridge Program has given liberal arts students across the globe an opportunity to gain business skills they can leverage in their future careers.

Shortly after former dean of Tuck Paul Danos took the helm at the business school, in 1995, he had an idea for an innovative business education program for liberal arts students and recent graduates. It was called the Tuck Business Bridge Program, and it was designed to provide participants with a powerful dose of MBA-style business education before they joined the business world.

The inaugural summer session of Bridge kicked off in 1997 with 85 students, most of whom were McKinsey consultants right out of Yale, Harvard, and Princeton. The program has come a long way since then. This past year, it educated about 250 students in two summer sessions, 55 students in a December program, and 45 students in the Smith-Tuck program at Smith College.

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