Paganucci Fellows: Building Young Leaders

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Five undergraduates join an effort to ease the transition of Peruvian students to college.

2017 Paganucci fellows
Paganucci Fellows Meghan Grela ’17, Aaron Lit ’19, Jessie Colin ’18, Colleen O’Connor ’19, and Jeffrey Fastow ’18 traveled to Peru to consult on an effort to support students seeking higher education and a career. (Photo courtesy of the Tuck School of Business)


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This summer, 2017 Paganucci Fellows Jessie Colin ’18, Jeffrey Fastow ’18, Meghan Grela ’17, Aaron Lit ’19, and Colleen O’Connor ’19 worked on a consulting project for Peru Champs, a program that helps recipients make a smooth transition to higher education and a career.

Tuck’s Paganucci program offers undergraduates an intensive education in global experiential learning, personal leadership development, and social entrepreneurship. In Peru, the fellows developed a plan to help Peru Champs secure corporate and individual funding.

“That was an incredible learning experience,” said O’Connor, an Asian and Middle Eastern Studies major from Buffalo, N.Y. “We didn’t have to stay with the question the client initially wanted us to explore. We could kind of make it our own, based upon what we thought. That fluidity was empowering.”

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