Tuck Students Experience Global Learning That Inspires Them

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The business school’s Lisa Miller discusses the value of Tuck’s global requirement.

marrakech gix course
“On GIXs, students learn through reflection on experience, primarily,” says director of the GIX course Lisa Miller. (Photo courtesy of the Tuck School of Business)

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There’s no better way to learn about the world of business and other cultures than by going overseas. 

That’s why, each spring, Tuck students enroll in Global Insight Expeditions (GIXs), courses taught around the globe by faculty who teach Tuck’s core and elective courses, as well as Dartmouth professors. This past spring, 278 students and 16 faculty traveled to 12 countries on GIXs. The students, who fulfilled the TuckGO global requirement through the courses, learned how business is run in diverse environments and the viewpoints of local people on business-related issues.

This year, against the backdrop of an increased focus on renewable energy, Tuck added a new GIX in Morocco, a country that is investing heavily in renewables.

In an interview with Tuck News, Lisa Miller, director of the Global Insight Expedition course, discusses the addition of the Morocco GIX and talks about the ways in which GIXs enable Tuckies to develop a global mindset, which is a key characteristic of a wise leader.  

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