Marshals Lead the Class of 2021 With Words of Inspiration

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The marshals are chosen by their class for traits that create a positive impact.

Dartmouth Class marshals

Each year, class marshals are selected by their fellow students on the basis of good citizenship, enthusiasm, integrity, and positive impact on others. The marshals carry batons engraved with their names as they lead their classmates in the commencement procession.

This year, as Dartmouth and the world look ahead to the challenge of emerging from a global pandemic, these marshals offer words of inspiration and encouragement to their fellow members of the Class of 2021.

The 2021 marshals were invited to write a brief encapsulation of their time at Dartmouth and to answer this question:

As a marshal, it is your job to lead your class into the graduation ceremony. Given the circumstances of the past year, what is your message to rally the Dartmouth Class of 2021 on this graduation day?

Student Marshals for 2021

Cole Andrus '20, Thayer '21

Cole Andrus ’20, Thayer ’21

Hometown: Cle Elum, Wash.
Degrees: BE in mechanical engineering and Master of Engineering Management

At Dartmouth, Cole Andrus ’21 was a member of the Tau Beta Pi engineering honor society and the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, and he was a four-year varsity track and field athlete.

Your message?

“It has been an amazing five years here, and I am so excited to see how we all use our Dartmouth experiences to make an impact. Go Big Green!”

Miles M. Battle '21

Miles M. Battle ’21

Hometown: Meridianville, Ala.

Major: Sociology modified with African and African American Studies

As an outspoken community leader, Miles Battle ’21 was a trailblazer in Greek life as well as a sexual violence prevention advocate and Ivy-League championship football player.

Your message?

“Today is a celebration of the strength and lessons we have received over our long journey of personal battles and collective challenges that we have overcome together; we earned it.”

Jared Oakley Cape '21

Jared Oakley Cape ’21

Hometown: Whitefield, N.H.

Major: Geography, with minors in Theater and Public Policy

Jared Cape ’21 built community through the Collis Center and as an undergraduate adviser, engaged extensively in the Rockefeller Center, and will serve as the ’21 alumni councilor.

Your message?

“The Class of ’21, throughout our time at Dartmouth, demonstrated the power of our passion, skill, and generosity. This week offers respite and reflection. Leaving our basecamp, we must continue doing good work.”

Elizabeth Noheahinali'imauliola Bowen Coleman '21

Elizabeth Noheahinali’imauliola Bowen Coleman ’21

Hometown: Ewa Beach, Hawai’i

Degree: Double major in Studio Art and Sociology, minor in Native American Studies

As president of Hokupa’a, a Center for Professional Development (CPD) intern, an Indigenous Peer Advisor, UGA, and a major in Sociology and Studio Art, Elizabeth Coleman ’21 prioritizes community, creativity, and leaving a positive impact. 

Your message?

“We’ve learned versatility and have become well equipped for this exciting new transition before us. Now is our chance to put the skills we’ve gained this past year into action.”

Amanda Gokee, MALS '21

Amanda Gokee, MALS ’21

Hometown: Chittenden, Vt.

Degree: MALS, Creative Writing

Amanda Gokee, MALS ’21, served as editor-in-chief of Clamantis, the MALS Journal, tutored for the Native American Program, and was a teaching assistant for the course “Writing 2-3.”

Your message?

“I hope it is with joy that you bring your learning to the world so that it may benefit all. Congratulations on your resilience and adaptability, Class of 2021!”

Teodoro Gonzalez Collazo, Tuck '21

Teodoro Gonzalez Collazo, Tuck ’21

Hometown: San Juan, Puerto Rico, and Pembroke Pines, Fla.

Degree: MBA, General Management

Teodoro Gonzalez Collazo, Tuck ’21, summarized his time at Dartmouth as, “a roller coaster that taught me the value of hard work and community, Tuck has been the ultimate incubator for my growth.”

Your message?

“Even in navigating the wildest of circumstances, we pushed through as a community. Now we made it, so let’s show everyone out there what we’ve learned and what we’ve got.”

Aarish Ravikumar Iyer, Guarini '21

Aarish Ravikumar Iyer, Guarini ’21

Hometown: Mumbai, India

Degree: Master of Science in Computer Science

Aarish has done NLP (natural language processing) research with Professor Soroush Vosoughi, winning the 2020 Style Change Detection Challenge held by PAN @ CLEF, a computer science organization dedicated to the study of linguistic style. He was also a resident fellow for School House.

Your message?

“Take a moment and look back at how far you’ve come and how much you’ve achieved in these two years. The pandemic took a lot from us, but it couldn’t take away this day.”

Rachel Kent '21

Rachel Kent ’21

Hometown: Indianapolis, Ind.

Major: Geography 

Rachel Kent ’21 organized for social change and cultivated care in all her communities including the Organic Farm, the Dartmouth Outing Club, and the Dartmouth Student Union.

Your message?

“It really does take a village, so today let’s celebrate the countless generous shoulders we’re standing on as we cross this stage. May we carry forward this spirit of collectivity.”

Sayuri Magnabosco '21

Sayuri Magnabosco ’21

Hometown: Curitiba, Brazil

Major: Biomedical Engineering. 

Sayuri Magnabosco ’21 is co-founder of the Dartmouth Brazilian Society, vice-president of the International Students Association (ISA), treasurer for the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, and a King Scholar. She was an immunotherapy research assistant, writing a senior thesis on the topic, and was an advocate on campus to increase the inclusivity of international students.

Your message?

“Our Dartmouth experience has been different than what everyone could have possibly envisioned. Graduating now, amidst these circumstances, give us unusual strength to bring forth change. Let’s take this opportunity to use our voices and be the leaders the world needs.”

Nicolina "Nina" Mascia '15, Geisel '21 

Nicolina “Nina” Mascia ’15, Geisel ’21 

Hometown: Raleigh, N.C.

Degree: MD 

While at Geisel, Nina Mascia, Geisel ’21, served on student government, worked with Physicians for Human Rights, and developed a passion for women’s health care and reproductive rights advocacy.

Your message?

“What an end to an incredibly humbling, exciting journey. I’m so proud of the resilience, character, and compassion of our class—which constantly shines through. Now, go change the world! 

Chido Munopa Mpofu, Thayer ’21

Hometown: Harare, Zimbabwe
Degree: BE Biomedical Engineering 

As a North Park resident fellow, wellness-trained coach, Soyeya dancer, and engineering tutor, Chido Mpofu, Thayer ’21, dedicated her time to encouraging her community toward growth and holistic integration of interests.

Your message?

”You will face moments of uncertainty, ones that might invoke fear. Lean into the discomfort and act anyway because courage will turn uncertainty into an opportunity. Remember to celebrate the wins, big and small, and to lift those around you as you grow as well.“

Elliot Ng Yong Sheng ’21

Hometown: Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Major: Quantitative Social Science, with a minor in Asian Cultures, Society and Language

Elliot Ng ’21 served as Dartmouth Outing Club vice president and on First-Year Trips Directorate for two years. While not outside, he supported fellow students as undergraduate adviser for School House.

Your message?

”Thanks to all of you who poured your time and energy into supporting your fellow students during this time of adversity. Let’s keep up the kindness and grace we showed ourselves and others.“

Vi Nguyen ’21

Hometown: Atlanta, Ga., and Binh Thuan, Viet Nam

Major: Biology, with a minor in Linguistics

Vi Nguyen ’21 devoted her time at Dartmouth to creating community and establishing support for FGLI (first generation low income) students, leaving her legacy in the foundation of FYSEP’s summer session and the future of the first-generation office.

Your message?

”As we graduate into a world that is trying to heal, may we use this opportunity to sew kindness, empathy, and justice into how we rebuild. Let the Dartmouth community be only the beginning of our journey as change-makers.“

Da’Jahnae ”Dajee“ Provitt ’21

Hometown: Warren, Ohio

Major: Sociology

As a leader, Dajee Provitt ’21 advocates for underrepresented voices and builds community. Her dedication as the senior class vice president, First-Gen student director, and UGA are only the beginning of her legacy.

Your message?

”We are merely a combination of all the people we meet. It has been a privilege to have been surrounded by the brilliance, care, and passion of you all. Today we celebrate, tomorrow we work!“

Ameena Razzaque ’21

Hometown: San Antonio, Texas

Majors: Special major—”Women’s Health in the MENASA Region,“ Middle Eastern Studies

Ameena Razzaque ’21 is president of Al-Nur, an undergraduate adviser, the student director of Internships for DCSI, a Stamps Scholar, a Dickey War and Peace Fellow, a Rockefeller Leadership Fellow, and a Thomas R. Pickering Fellow. She is passionate about food accessibility and co-founded the Halal Taskforce. She also wrote a high honors thesis on COVID-19 and Muslim American women under the geography department. 

Your message?

”This is a reminder that the world will continue to require those who stand up to injustice–this summer was not the first time nor the last. After a year of incredible loss, care for yourself first and then for the community around you before desiring to create global change. 

Korie Marie Rice-Bettner, TDI '21

Korie Marie Rice-Bettner, TDI ’21

Hometown: Plymouth, Ind.

Degree: Master of Public Health 

Korie Rice-Bettner, Geisel ’21, is the student president of The Dartmouth Institute and serves as a research collaborator with Rights and Democracy of New Hampshire. As a fervent advocate for social justice and public health, she has consistently sought change locally and statewide. In her time at Dartmouth, she co-authored several research papers, presented to governmental committees, and served the local community. 

Your message?

“To my fellow graduates, congratulations. In reflecting on my time at Dartmouth, I am reminded of the phrase, ‘Love sees a need and meets it.’ I am delighted that we are about to enter the world and meet that need head-on.”

Megan Ungerman '21 

Megan Ungerman ’21 

Hometown: Dallas, Texas 
Major: Biology with a minor in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Megan Ungerman ’21 is proud to have been a tutor, mentor, researcher, and president of Epsilon Kappa Theta at Dartmouth, striving to build community with everything they did.

Your message?

“As we celebrate our accomplishments, let us honor those who are no longer with us and cherish the community we have built together. Our strength and resilience will travel far past Dartmouth. Congratulations!” 

Wei Yan, Guarini '21

Wei Yan, Guarini ’21

Hometown: Dalian, China
Degree: PhD in Physics and Astronomy

Wei Yan, Guarini ’21 studied the evolution of black holes and galaxies, started a writing career in scientific communication and a fiction novel, and served in the Chinese Students and Scholars Association and did local outreach.

Your message?

“Remember all the challenges we have conquered and all the accomplishments we have achieved. Let’s bring hope and wonders to the world with resilience in mind and compassion in heart.”

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