Marshals Lead the Class of 2020 With Words of Inspiration

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Selected by their classmates as positive influencers, the graduates embrace their virtual role.

2020 Class Marshals
Photo illustration by Amy Bucci 

Traditionally class marshals, selected by their classmates as leaders based on their enthusiasm, integrity, and positive impact on others, march at the front of the commencement procession as it enters the Green to start the ceremony.

Although the Class of 2020 will not march onto the Green led by their classmates bearing flags and honorary batons engraved with their names, these marshals are leading off the virtual ceremony with words of encouragement and congratulations for a historic graduating class.

Student Marshals for 2020

Elsa Armstrong '20 portrait

Elsa Armstrong ’20

Hometown: Bayfield, Wis.
Major: Native American Studies 

As a leader of Native Americans at Dartmouth (NAD), Elsa Armstrong ’20 worked to strengthen and expand the community for the next generations of Indigenous students.

What is your message to the Class of 2020 in this unusual graduation year?

“Today we celebrate our graduation from Dartmouth College in a way none of us could have anticipated four years ago. I hope that you find the time and space today to reflect on the past four years and feel the immense pride you should about your accomplishments. WE DID IT!”


James Brown, Guarini '20

James Brown, Guarini ’20

Hometown: Cheshire, Conn.
Major: MS in Computer Science

At Dartmouth, James Brown ’20 built machine-learning models to predict the actions of terrorist groups, coauthored a book, and served as the Graduate Student Council’s finance officer.

Message to ’20s?

“The circumstances of our graduation do not lesson the achievements we are here to celebrate. These extraordinary times will provide us with the strength to better our world.”


Jessica Campanile '20 portrait

Jessica Campanile ’20

Hometown: Mahwah, N.J.
Major: Linguistics modified with global health, and anthropology modified with human-centered design

As the author of two honors theses, the founder of Access Dartmouth, and a singer and actress, Jessica Campanile ’20 has dedicated her Dartmouth career to academics, advocacy, and the arts.

Your message?

“Congratulations! Though our Dartmouth experience didn’t culminate the way we hoped, we have gained a collective resilience and strength that has equipped us to make our impact in a changing world.”


Anjali Chikkula '20 portrait

Anjali Chikkula ’20

Hometown: Sugar Land, Texas
Major: Economics and Computer Science

Anjali Chikkula ’20 is senior class president, she has served as a Student Assembly senator, an undergraduate adviser, and an academic tutor. She is also a member of the Committee on Standards and the Organizational Adjudication Committee and she served as president of the South Asian Student Association.

Your message?

“To my fellow ’20s, while this graduation may not be what we envisioned, you mustn’t forget all you accomplished during your time. Take today to reflect on and celebrate all you have achieved!”


Charlotte Chui '20 portrait

Charlotte Chui ’20

Hometown: Hong Kong
Major: Economics modified with Computer Science, Psychology double major, Theater minor 

Charlotte Chui ’20 has dedicated her time at Dartmouth toward integrating her various academic passions with her love for the arts. 

Your message?

“Graduating now positions us to bring forth change. More than ever, we must use our voices to create a stronger, kinder, and more just future for all.”


Luke Cuomo '20 portrait

Luke Cuomo ’20

Hometown: East Williston, N.Y.
Major: Government

Luke Cuomo ’20 studied government and public policy, served as Student Assembly president, studied at Oxford, and founded the Dartmouth meme page.

Your message?

“We shouldn’t let our time at Dartmouth be defined by the one term that we lost, but rather the 11 incredible terms that we spent together.”


Rebecca Finger Higgens, Guarini '20 portrait

Rebecca Finger Higgens, Guarini ’20

Hometown: Denver, Colo.
Major: PhD, Ecology, Evolution, Environments an Society

Rebecca Finger Higgens studies the impact of climate change on vulnerable global ecosystems. Her dissertation research focuses on the drying tundra of western Greenland.

Your message?

“Let’s pull strength for the future from what we have already overcome. Remember that we are often most proud of what came about in the most trying of times.”


Garrett Muscatel '20 portrait

Garrett Muscatel ’20

Hometown: Thousand Oaks, Calif.
Major: Economics

Garrett Muscatel ’20 was heavily involved in politics at Dartmouth, working with the College Democrats and even being elected to the New Hampshire House of Representatives  to protect student voting rights.

Your message?

“We graduate into a new chapter not only in our lives but in history. Let’s lean into this opportunity and be the leaders our country and world need.”


Esther Oluokun '20 portrait

Esther Oluokun ’20

Hometown: Framingham, Mass.
Major: Environmental Studies

Esther Oluokun ’20 has dedicated her time at Dartmouth to developing and reimagining spaces for her black peers. A leader and mentor in the Soyeya African Dance Troupe, The Dartmouth Rockapellas, Black Praxis, FYSEP, and Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, she has been a positive force in all corners of campus.

Your message?

“We are leaders, game-changers, and revolutionaries. Some ask why our four years had to wrap up in the messiest of bows. We shouldn’t have expected anything less. Revolutions never come in pretty packages.”


Griffin Reed, Geisel '20 portrait

Griffin Reed, Geisel ’20

Hometown: Mantorville, Minn.
Major: MD

While studying medicine, Griffin Reed developed a passion for rheumatology and dedicated his extra-curricular time to teaching medical topics and healthy cooking to the elderly.

Your message?

“Our class and families have sacrificed much to achieve this degree. We owe it to the memory of those sacrifices to celebrate joyously and engage passionately in our work and communities. I’m proud of you all!”


Juan Antolini Miche Rosales '20 portrait

Juan Antolini Miche Rosales ’20

Hometown: Waimea, Big Island, Hawaii
Major: Engineering Sciences and Anthropology Modified

Juan Rosales ’20 immersed himself in the diverse communities of Dartmouth. He was editor-in-chief of the Aegis yearbook, served as a co-president of Hokupa’a, Dartmouth’s Native Hawaiian and Indigenous Islander student group, and was a leader in Cabin and Trail.

Your message?

“What a time it has been. These past four years have been quite a show, and who knows what the next four years hold. Through all this, as we move forward, do whatever you think you need to do and whatever will make you happy. And don’t forget—have some good vibes while you’re at it.”


Ellie Nan Storck, MALS '20 portrait

Ellie Nan Storck, MALS ’20

Hometown: Annapolis, Md.
Major: Creative Writing

Ellie Nan Storck studied creative writing in the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies (MALS) program. She served as the graduate student activities coordinator, tutored for the Native American Program, and was the digital editor for Clamantis, the MALS journal.

Your message?

“While this celebratory day is not at all what we expected, I hope we can collectively embrace the uncertainty and keep our Dartmouth experience close to our hearts as we begin the next adventure! Congrats, fellow grads!”


Hanover Vale '20 portrait

Hanover Vale ’20

Hometown: Wilmington, Mass.
Major: Geography modified with Engineering Sciences

Hanover “Han” Vale ’20 served as the president of Casque and Gauntlet Senior Society, was a Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellow, and worked to carve out spaces for underrepresented voices at Dartmouth and in the Upper Valley.

Your message?

“While the world we are graduating into may not be the one we could’ve ever anticipated, I’ve seen time and time again that we all possess the incredible talents, kindness, and resiliency to make it through. Thanks, Dartmouth, for a truly unforgettable four years.”


Caroline Wells, Tuck '20 portrait

Caroline Wells, Tuck ’20

Hometown: Philadelphia, Penn.
Major: MBA

Caroline Wells is an MBA candidate at the Tuck School of Business, where she is the student body president, a Center for Business, Government, and Society Fellow, and a Tuck admissions associate.

Your message?

“Be strong and meet the moment! The unique circumstance of this year’s graduation doesn’t take away from this accomplishment, it only adds to it. This is a historic class!”

Bill Platt