Skiing, Skating, and Sport

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The carnival’s contests, from light-hearted to fierce, have long been a significant attraction of the weekend for both competitors and spectators.

Dartmouth takes pride in encouraging students to be “inventive, flexible, and resilient, prepared to take on anything that nature and their work in the world throw at them.” These skills are put to the test each year during Winter Carnival. This is the time students bravely face the polar bear swim, skiers fly off the ski jump, and human/dog sledders vie for bragging rights.

Skater performing a split-jump
1939: Skater performing a split-jump (Photo by Adrian Bouchard)
Student with flaming red hair races cross-country
2019: Women’s Nordic 3x5 relay race (Photo by Eli Burakian ’00)
Skaters racing each other on Occom Pond
1938: Skaters racing around Occom Pond (Photo by Rauner Special Collections Library)
Man throwing himself into Occom Pond
2018: Polar bear plunge into Occom Pond (Photo by Robert Gill)
Skater leaping over 5 beer kegs
1989: Skaters barrel jumping (Photo by Stuart Bratesman ’75)
Students racing down a ski slope in a green canoe
2013: Canoe races on the golf course (Photo by Stuart Bratesman)
Snowboarder going airborne
1992: Winter carnival snowboarding (Photo by Stuart Bratesman ’75)
Three women racing across the snow, pulling a sled, and wearing swag
2014: Human dog sled races on the Green (Photo by Jacob Kupferman ’14)
Ski jumper wearing a Dartmouth sweater
1911: Fred Harris, Class of 1911, founder of the Dartmouth Outing Club, soars through the air during his jump at winter carnival (Photo by Rauner Special Collections Library)
Woman skiing around a gate during a race
2014: Dartmouth’s Alpine team competes at the Dartmouth Skiway during winter carnival (Photo by Jacob Kupferman ’14)