Marshals Pick Their Favorite Spots on Campus

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The procession leaders are chosen by their classmates.

Photo grid of Marshals

Each year, class marshals are selected by their fellow students on the basis of good citizenship, enthusiasm, integrity, and positive impact on others. The marshals carry batons engraved with their names as they lead their classmates to the Green during the commencement procession.

The 2022 marshals were invited to write a brief encapsulation of their time at Dartmouth and to answer this question:

Looking back on your time at Dartmouth, what place would you lift up as significant to your experience on campus, and why?

Student Marshals for 2022:

Awo Pomaa Adu '22
(Photo by Rob Strong ’04)
Awo Pomaa Adu ’22

Hometown: Lowell, Mass.

Major: Film and Media Studies modified with African and African American Studies 

At Dartmouth, Adu was a Dartmouth Dining Services student worker and a costume shop seamstress who created critical community events such as Black Convocation and Black Women’s Forum. 

Favorite place on campus: Black Family Visual Arts Center

“My favorite place on campus is the Black Family Visual Arts Center. With its natural lighting and soft couches, I have held a lot of moments of self-reflection and community here in this space. I can’t reflect on my artistic journey without reflecting on what this space meant to me as a storyteller.” 


Ezinne Elizabeth Anozie '22
(Photo by Rob Strong ’04)
Ezinne Elizabeth Anozie ’22

Hometown: Houston

Major: Psychology, Human-Centered Design minor

As an executive member of the Pi Theta chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., Student Wellness Center design intern, and a member of Design Corps, Anozie is a champion for creating welcoming, inclusive spaces where students feel seen and heard about their needs.

Favorite Place on Campus:

“One of the places I cherish the most on campus is the costume shop in the basement of the theater department, which I (sadly) discovered my senior fall. Aside from being a warm environment where I was able to learn how to sew at my own pace, the space was a re-energizing source of light for me entering my senior year. Learning a new skill where it was OK to envision, design, create, sew in a crooked line, and start over again, taught me the importance of intentionally seeking out moments that allow us to play and moments that allow us to express our innate creativity in our day-to-day lives.”


Abigail Brazil '21, Thayer'22
(Photo courtesy of Abigail Brazil) 
Abigail Brazil ’21, Thayer ’22

Hometown: Jackson, Wyo.

Degrees: AB in Engineering Sciences, BE in Mechanical Engineering

Brazil was a four-year varsity athlete for the cross country and track teams, serving as captain for her final seasons, in addition to being president of the Tau Beta Pi engineering honors society.

Favorite Place on Campus: Pine Park

“The proximity of Dartmouth to nature was a large reason why I chose this school, and it continues to be one of my favorite things about Dartmouth. My cross country team and I are able to run from our locker room and suddenly find ourselves deep in the woods of Pine Park, overlooking the Connecticut River, chatting and laughing as we go.”


Charles Carver GR'22
(Photo by Eli Burakian ’00)
Charlie Carver, Guarini ’22

Hometown: Buffalo, N.Y.

Degree: MS in Computer Science

Carver is a 2019 National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowships Program fellow researching visible light communication and sensing. In addition to his research, Carver was the 2021-2022 vice president of the Graduate Student Council.

Favorite Place on Campus: Dartmouth Skiway

“It’s been such a privilege having access to the Skiway over the past four years. Even though I grew up skiing, I’ve never lived so close to a slope, let alone one that was affordable. I’m going to desperately miss skiing before work and am already making plans to visit once winter rolls around.”


Ivan Cornish Morales '19 TH'21
(Photo courtesy of Ivan Cornish Morales) 
Ivan Cornish Morales ’19, Thayer ’22

Hometown: Monterrey, Mexico

Degree: Master’s in Engineering Management

Morales’ quest for knowledge drove him to come back to Dartmouth for his master’s in engineering management. After graduating in 2019, he strove to give back to his peers as a resident fellow and teaching assistant.

Favorite Place on Campus: Fairchild Steps

“The steps coming out of Fairchild provide one of the best views of Baker Tower. I can still picture the countless sunsets I witnessed as I descended the steps on my way back to Thayer for some evening work. Admiring the tower and its contrast to the evening sky always gave me a few moments to relax and bolster my motivation for the challenges ahead.”


Monica Espinoza GR '22
(Photo by Eli Burakian ’00)
Monica Elisa Espinoza, Guarini ’22

Hometown: San Marcos, Calif.

Degree: PhD in Quantitative Biomedical Sciences

At Dartmouth, Espinoza received a National Institutes of Health training grant and the Burroughs Wellcome Fellowship, served as a resident fellow, founded a social hour dubbed “Quant Beers Social,” and learned how to kayak and ski.

Favorite place on campus: Dartmouth Green

“I love seeing the campus and everyone running about their day. That we exist in a place of scholarship and vibrancy is so lucky. I always look forward to a coffee on the benches or a quick rendezvous with friends on the soft grass.”


Alicia Everitt GR'21, TH'21
(Photo by Eli Burakian ’00)
Alicia C. Everitt, Thayer ’22

Hometown: Hood River, Ore.

Degree: PhD in Engineering

Passionate about community, Everitt served on Thayer Council, was a teaching assistant for multiple engineering courses, mentored undergraduate research, did STEM outreach, and loved to adventure in the nearby mountains. 

Favorite Place on Campus: The Tower Room

“I remember the first time I found the Tower Room I instantly felt a part of something serious, intellectual, and with rich history. I sought out that space often to help me focus and push through stress in my early years, and I returned to it in my last year while writing my dissertation, reflecting on all that Dartmouth had been both personally and professionally. Also, no better spot to get cozy and warm in winter—just don’t fall asleep!”


Daniel Barrett Gold '22
(Photo by Rob Strong ’04)
Daniel Barrett Gold ’22

Hometown: Manhasset, N.Y.

Major: Hispanic Studies, Economics minor

At Dartmouth, Gold served as president of the Interfraternity Council, vice president of Chi Gamma Epsilon, social captain of club B soccer, and a Spanish drill instructor. Gold is most grateful for the friends and communities that supported him during his time here.

Favorite Place on Campus: The Green

“There is nowhere better to be on a nice day than the Green. Whether playing spikeball, listening to music, or enjoying a meal, the Green is an escape from stress and lets me relax outside with friends. More than that, the energy of the Green is infectious, even when I am just walking by on my way to class. It is wonderful to have a shared space where all of Dartmouth can spend time together.”


Ramy A. Hanna '22
(Photo by Rob Strong ’04)
Ramy Ayman Hanna ’22

Hometown: Miami, Fla.

Major: Quantitative Social Science

As senior class vice president, an Arabic drill instructor, tour guide, and member of Beta Alpha Omega, Hanna is passionate about giving back to the Dartmouth community.

Favorite Place on Campus: Hood Museum

“It is easy to forget you are in the woods of New Hampshire while at the Hood Museum of Art. I have visited the Hood Museum both for classes and for leisure, each time leaving inspired. The opportunities provided by the Hood range from listening to contemporary artists talk about their groundbreaking work to viewing ancient Assyrian stone reliefs. We are so lucky to have access to such a phenomenal collection of artwork at our fingertips.”


Alexander Richard Jaewoo Klein '22
(Photo by Rob Strong ’04)
Alexander Klein ’22

Hometown: Ashburn, Va.

Major: Double major in Biology and Economics

Klein is honored to have served on Class Council as senior class president, the UFC, club soccer, and TAMID, which offers experiential learning through businesses in Israel. He has prioritized the pursuit of knowledge and his passions while at Dartmouth.

Favorite Place on Campus: The Green

“How could my favorite location on campus not be The Green? Whether it be throwing the football, eating dinner, studying for classes, or some other activity, on a nice sunny day you will always find me on the Green laughing with my friends.”


Joseph M. Minichiello '17, MED'22
(Photo by Eli Burakian ’00)
Joseph ‘Joe’ Minichiello ’17, MED ’22

Hometown: Pelham, N.H.

Degree: MD, Geisel School of Medicine

At Geisel, Minichiello served on the Medical Education Committee and Student Government, engaged in trauma/resuscitation and MedEd research, and developed life-long friendships, all while continuing to work with Upper Valley Ambulance and volunteer with the Norwich Fire Department.

Favorite Place on Campus: Occom Pond

“Since my freshman fall living in McLaughlin in 2013, Occom has been my mini-retreat on campus. I have walked countless laps around that pond—both alone and with friends—to clear my head, recharge, and reconnect with the world. I have had some of my most meaningful (and most meaningless) conversations around that pond. Many undergrad formals and Geisel social events were enjoyed in the Dartmouth Outing Club House, as well as relaxing nights stargazing on the adjacent golf course. I am thankful to have had this outdoor escape on campus, and who knows, maybe I will have the privilege of owning a home on Occom someday.”


Suraj Patel MED '22
(Photo by Rob Strong ’04)
Suraj Patel, MED ’22

Hometown: Orlando, Fla.

Degree: Master of Public Health, The Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice

At Dartmouth, Patel led extensive research exploring a novel concussion preventative methodology alongside Buddy Teevens ’79, the Robert L. Blackman Head Football Coach. He aims to prioritize unity and creativity to leave a lasting positive impact on public health.

Favorite Place on Campus: Memorial Field

“Dartmouth Football stands for more than just the sport itself. This program fosters a pure sense of unity, excellence, and innovation. Memorial Field will always be my favorite place because everyone who leaves the gates of this field bleeds green. The green that is etched in the fabric of this community. A community full of voices crying out in the wilderness, which then become the voices that go on to lead and create bright futures for many. This place is and will always be a pillar of Dartmouth College and a source of inspiration for my future endeavors.”


Mariana Peñaloza Morales '22
(Photo by Eli Burakian ’00)
Mariana Peñaloza Morales ’22

Hometown: Miami

Major: Geography and Lusophone Studies

Peñaloza Morales, a movement worker from Miami, organized against precarity and austerity with the Dartmouth Student Union and the Student Worker Collective at Dartmouth. They were also a Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellow and an Office of Pluralism and Leadership Latinx and queer student coordinator.

Favorite place on campus: Latin American, Latino, and Caribbean House

“Ella Baker asks, ‘who are your people?’ And here at Dartmouth, LALAC House is, in part, my answer. I owe so much to the first-generation Latinx students before me for introducing and welcoming me into the space. I have spent so much of my time at Dartmouth in LALAC House, from planning community events and organizing in the basement to living in the house as a resident, and, for four years, it’s been the place that reminds me the most of home. Indeed, I come to LALAC House to be in community. And so, it is fitting, really, to end my last year—my last term—at Dartmouth on this little corner of campus that became my second home.”


Juan Carlos Quinonez Zepeda '22
(Photo by Eli Burakian ’00)
Juan Quinonez Zepeda ’22

Hometown: Coldwater, Miss.

Major: Geography

Quinonez Zepeda dedicated his years to community resource development. During his time at Dartmouth, he has been actively involved in Casque and Gauntlet and Palaeopitus senior societies, admissions, served as a former co-director of the Coalition for Immigration Reform and Equality at Dartmouth, and was co-founder of the FUERZA Farmworkers Fund and the Mississippi Rural Recruitment Initiative.

 Favorite place on campus: La Casa

“’La Casa, Tu Casa.’ I found La Casa when I needed it most, during my first year. It has served as a pillar for me and countless other students. Under the leadership of Maria Clara de Greiff, it has been transformed into a social justice hub for activists, organizations, and students in need of care. Personally, it has afforded me the opportunity to connect with my culture, be seen, and build community networks. I’ve created friendships and memories that will last a lifetime. It is a place to create, collaborate, and build community, all centered around food.”


Hannah L. Sacchini TU'22
(Photo by Rob Strong ’04)
Hannah Sacchini, Tuck ’22

Hometown: Modesto, Calif.

Degree: MBA, General Management

While at Tuck, Sacchini was president of Student Board, as well as actively involved in the Tech Club, Women in Business Club, and Tuck Admissions.

Favorite place on campus: Raether Hall terrace

“Starting graduate school in a new place with all new people is a challenging transition in a normal year; doing so in the midst of a global pandemic is a whole different ballgame. Beautiful outdoor spaces on campus were a sanctuary for my classmates and me—the terrace at Raether Hall was the first place that really enabled us to safely meet each other and nurture those friendships through our two years, and the forest-like surroundings provide such a sense of peace.”


Taurus Terrell Samuels Jr. '22
(Photo by Eli Burakian ’00)
Taurus T. Samuels Jr. ’22

Hometown: Oceanside, Calif.

Major: Psychology

At Dartmouth, Samuels served as president of the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, co-head of professional development for the Dartmouth Black Student-Athlete Alliance, and was a four-year varsity basketball athlete, serving as team co-captain his senior year.

Favorite place on campus: Floren Varsity House

“My favorite place on campus has got to be the Floren athletic facility. The first time I stepped into Floren, I was so amazed by how great our weight room is. However, as a student-athlete so many resources are located in Floren. From the weight room, to our academic adviser, to the athletic training room, to the multiple study spaces, and so much more, I have spent so much time in Floren and yet, I could never get enough of being in that building. I have been pushed physically and mentally there, been stretched out of my comfort zone, and truly believe the building and the people have made me a better person.”


Amanda Skinner by Occom Pond
(Photo by Eli Burakian ’00)
Amanda Ann Skinner, Guarini ’22

Hometown: Edinburgh, Scotland

Degree: Master of Arts in Liberal Studies, Creative Writing

Skinner holds the position of assistant director of outreach and communications for the Guarini School of Graduate and Advanced Studies and is a mom to two elementary-school-aged children. During work on her MALS degree, she served as editor-in-chief of Clamantis: The MALS Journal, and is active in the wider literary community of Dartmouth and the Upper Valley.

Favorite Place on Campus: Occom Pond

“Whether strolling alone, walking with colleagues and chatting over lunchtime, or enjoying nature with my children, the pond is a delight. Did you know there are hundreds of goldfish in there? You can see them shimmer near the surface, if you’re lucky. Whatever the season, there’s always something new to see, and often delightful chance encounters with others enjoying the same.”


Jayden Kiarra Smith '22
(Photo by Rob Strong ’04)
Jayden K. Smith ’22

Hometown: Orlando, Fla.

Major: Double major in Government and African and African American Studies

At Dartmouth, Smith cultivated a community within Ujima Dance Troupe and throughout affinity spaces and dedicated her time to holding safe spaces and encouraging others to persevere.

Favorite Place on Campus: Shabazz Center 

“Shabazz Center was not only my home for three years, it is a symbol of the resilience of the Black community and the vessel of institutional memory. I first visited on a solo trip before enrolling, and I was drawn to the captivating murals. Living both as a resident and an undergraduate adviser before COVID and during, I have had the honor of cooking dinner, attending events, and sharing laughs with my community.”