Behind the Scenes, and Lens, Students Play a Key Role

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Interns contribute at the Office of Communications while learning career skills.


Students play a number of important roles at the Office of Communications, helping with photography and social media, recording and editing video, crafting content for Dartmouth News, and learning new skills at the same time.

“It was just learn and do,” Julia Levine ’23, a photo intern who has worked with the Office of Communications for two years, says of the mentoring and experience she received.

“This internship has changed the trajectory of my life,” adds Levine, who hopes to become a professional photojournalist and has already done some freelancing.

Other interns also play important roles.

Polly Chesnokova ’24 is a student producer who helps with filming, editing, and audio capture at the Media Production Group.

Dominic Folkes ’25 develops content about Arts and Sciences faculty and staff.

Beam Lertbunnaphongs ’25 takes video and photos for social media.

Felipe Pavanelli ’26 has made several compelling videos capturing student life and voices that ran on Dartmouth News.

And Sophia Scull ’25 has a background in landscape photography and started as a photo intern this spring.

Polly Chesnokova holding mic for Sian Beilock
Polly Chesnokova ’24 holds a boom mic to record audio from President-elect Sian Leah Beilock last July on her first visit to campus in that role. (Photo by Rob Strong ’04)

While the students learn important skills, Office of Communications staff also enjoy seeing them develop their talents.

“The energy, ideas, and perspective Dartmouth student interns bring to the Office of Communications enriches our work and teaches us as much as we could ever hope to teach them,” says Justin Anderson, vice president for communications. “We are grateful for their commitment and impressed by how quickly they are able to learn new skills.” 


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