Students Sing in ‘Pretty Filthy’

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The 2015 musical goes behind the scenes of the adult entertainment industry.

Theater students in early March undertook a production of Pretty Filthy, the 2015 musical by Bess Wohl with music and lyrics by Michael Friedman.

The musical centers on the lives of adult film stars in California’s San Fernando Valley.

It ran in Wilson 301, which has been outfitted with a thrust stage and seating for about 35, and was directed, co-choreographed, and co-produced by Katie Devin Orenstein ’22.


A group of performers circled onstage with arms raised in the air
An upbeat group number during ‘Pretty Filthy.’ (Photo by Katie Lenhart)
Chloe Jung waiting backstage in blue light
Chloe Jung ’23 waits for her entrance in ‘Pretty Filthy.’ (Photo by Katie Lenhart)
Chloe Jung performing a solo surrounded by cast members
Chloe Jung ’23 takes a solo during the opening number of ‘ Pretty Filthy.’ (Photo by Katie Lenhart)
Sophie Lewis alone, onstage, singing in a leopard bomber jacket
Sophie Lewis ’25 during one of her many songs. (Photo by Katie Lenhart)
Omar De La Osa Febles performing a solo in denim shorts, knee high boots, and a mesh top
Omar De La Osa Febles ’25 performs a solo during the opening number. (Photo by Katie Lenhart)
Matt Jachim-Gallagher backstage
Stage manager Matt Jachim-Gallagher ’25 gives a cue at the start of the dress rehearsal. (Photo by Katie Lenhart)
Students performing a number on their knees with their fist across their chest
Omar De La Osa Febles ’25 dons a ‘Star Trek’ uniform for a portion of the musical. (Photo by Katie Lenhart)
John Chibuike Ejiogu with their arm raised high, drenched in blue and purple lights
John Chibuike Ejiogu ’23 strikes a pose during the finale. (Photo by Katie Lenhart)