Phi Beta Kappa Inducts 182 New Dartmouth Members

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The honor society recognizes exceptional academic excellence.

Graduates performing secret handshakes at Phi Beta Kappa ceremony
Phi Beta Kappa inductees practice the secret handshake after they were welcomed into the honor society. (Photo by Robert Gill)
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Phi Beta Kappa Inducts 24 New Members

Harini Barath

The Dartmouth chapter of Phi Beta Kappa, the nation’s oldest and most prestigious academic honor society, welcomed 182 new members in an outdoor ceremony on Saturday.

Gary Tomlinson ’73, John Hay Whitney, Professor of Music and Humanities and Sterling Professor of Music and Humanities at Yale University, was elected to alumni membership in absentia.

Chapter President Andrew Samwick, the Sandra L. and Arthur L. Irving ’72a P’10 Professor of Economics, welcomed parents, family members, and friends who were gathered in a tent outside the Class of 1978 Life Sciences Center for the spring meeting of the Alpha of New Hampshire Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa at Dartmouth.

Also officiating were Secretary-Treasurer Kate Soule, director of Arts & Sciences finance and research administration, and chapter Vice President John Carey, associate dean of faculty for the social sciences and a professor of government.

Emma Briskin signing a document
Emma Briskin ’23 signs the roster as chapter Secretary-Treasurer Kate Soule officiates at the Phi Beta Kappa ceremony on Saturday. (Photo by Robert Gill)

Chapter Marshal Roberta Stewart, professor of classical studies, led the inductees to their seats.

After recognizing the 24 students who were inducted in the fall, Samwick invited the 182 new members to sign their names to the Phi Beta Kappa’s roster, receive their citations, and pledge to adhere to the principles of the nation’s oldest and most prestigious academic honor society.

Greeting them as full members, Samwick said, “Your election is in recognition of your outstanding attainments in scholarly pursuits, and of your manifestation of high character and of deep interest in the life of this College.”

Tomlinson, who was inducted to alumni membership in absentia, sent his highest regards to the inductees and others present. In his remarks, read by Samwick, Tomlinson said that it is the undergraduates he works with who continue to make teaching a particular joy.

“The curiosity of young minds in the face of new possibilities—the lightbulbs almost visibly switching on over their heads—the sheer thrill of the best of them in the presence of challenging concepts, of experiences human and otherwise, and of enduring human achievements: these are what continue to excite me on a daily basis in the classroom.”

Phi Beta Kappa certificate
The formal document the Phi Beta Kappa inductees receive. (Photo by Robert Gill)

“I know that you all, honored with PBK induction half a century earlier in your lives than I, are the kinds of students prone to the excitement I describe. I’m truly honored to share induction with you,” he said in his message.

With encouragement to stay connected with the Society and a quick demonstration of the secret handshake by Soule, the meeting was adjourned.

The 182 new inductees from the Class of ’23 (unless otherwise indicated) include:

  • Nathaniel Allen Alden
  • Marco Enrico Allen
  • Spencer Allen
  • Annmarie N. Allos
  • So Amano
  • Maria Katherine Angelino
  • Lidia Balanovich ’22
  • Bryce Bradford Baldridge
  • John David Barksdale
  • Julia Elizabeth Battle
  • Andrew James Bean
  • Caleb Alexander Frowein Benjamin
  • Amber Zia Bhutta
  • Lucy Jane Biberman
  • Emilie Lucia Bowerman
  • Emma Evelyn Briskin
  • Cathryn Elizabeth Brown
  • Claire Marie Callahan ’22
  • Jennifer Kate Capriola
  • Sara Stéphanie Cavrel Zemmour
  • Amanda Chen
  • Brandon Zhuo-ran Chen
  • Esme Chen ’22
  • Jennifer Ailin Chen
  • Jessica Katelyn Cheng
  • William Richard Cook-Healy
  • Luc Cote
  • Cecily Brooks Davidson Craighead ’22
  • Tim Cui
  • Samiha Datta
  • William Philip Dinauer
  • Jacob Leander Donoghue ’22
  • William Carrington Dowling
  • Sophie Roberta Edelman ’22
  • Sarah Michelle Engelman
  • Matthew Robert Evans ’22
  • Chloe Ezzo ’22
  • Junzhe Fang
  • Alyssa Diana Fayerman
  • Katherine Helen Fearon
  • Alex Feng
  • Amon Joseph Ferri
  • Devan Seth Fink
  • Brendan Flewelling
  • Melody Tan Fu
  • Brendon Ryan Gallagher
  • Brett Aaron Gallagher
  • Eliza Frances Gallant
  • Jiani Ge
  • Quintín Hector George III ’22
  • George Stephen Gerber
  • Gabriel Harrison Gilbert
  • Ian Davis Gill
  • Emma Margaret Ginsberg
  • William Christopher Glovsky
  • Matthew Goodbred
  • Andrew Richard Goyette
  • Arijeet Singh Grewal
  • Xingzhi Guo ’22
  • Vanessa Jean Haggans
  • Nicholas M. Hagler
  • Hollin Ruth Laleh Hakimian
  • Sophia Mingjie He
  • Sienna An Henderson
  • Emily Ross Henrich ’22
  • Julia Elize Herman
  • Taylor Jean Hickey
  • Kira Hobson
  • Matthew Nowak Hohmann
  • Rachel Yvonne Hsu
  • Stavros Anthony Hughes
  • Sarah Torpie Hutchinson ’22
  • Kyle Ashton Immel ’22
  • Sarah McNeill Jewett
  • Alexander Gregory Jones
  • Mitchell Maher Jubeir
  • Hannah Rose Kadin
  • Brody Karton
  • Sean Kim
  • Tai Wan Kim ’21
  • Jacob Perry Kingsley
  • Anders Hostage Knospe
  • Margaret Joan Knox
  • Griffin Eli Kozlow
  • Sunil Krish
  • Kate Elizabeth Kucharczuk
  • Devon Michael Kurtz ’20
  • Zachary Lang
  • Jennifer Jing Lee ’22
  • Yiao Lei 雷祎傲
  • Brook Pines Leigh ’22
  • Hansen Liem
  • Daniel Lin
  • Jeff Zongyao Liu
  • Jiayuan Liu
  • Vincent Liu
  • Laura Alexandra Logan ’22
  • Derek Shengjia Lu
  • Emily Shengyi Lu
  • Grace Jiayi Lu
  • Jiaming Ma ’22
  • Elizabeth Scott Maechling
  • Nicholas Scott Mancini
  • Charles Justin Mazof
  • Alana M McClements ’22
  • Giorgiana Carolina McCombe
  • Ian Miles McGrory ’22
  • Claire Louise McKenna
  • Elaine Mei
  • Claire Meli
  • Arjun Michael Miklos
  • Oliver P. Milledge
  • Zachary Nathan ’22
  • Bess Miriam Neiblum
  • Benjamin Walter Newhall
  • Cassidy Jean Nicks
  • Marc Alan Novicoff ’22
  • Aditya Anand Ogale
  • Katherine O’Neill Packard ’22
  • Jordan Paff
  • Isabel Gardiner Pantle
  • Amy Park
  • Nisha Patel
  • Jimena Natalia Perez
  • Aaní Biorka Perkins
  • Christopher James Picard
  • Tara Pillai
  • Anna Louise Politi
  • Luke Douglas Powers
  • Theodore Edward Press
  • Dev Punaini ’22
  • Felicia Ann Ragucci ’22
  • Natasha Raman
  • Adelia Huntting Rattray
  • William Maclyn Reicher ’22
  • Annabel Maria Revers
  • Lauren Anne Ross
  • Elizabeth Joan Thurston Rudnick
  • Kelly Ann Rutherford
  • Lana Sabbagh
  • Jason Adam Saber
  • Robin Anderson Sandell
  • Aalok Anil Sanghavi
  • Logan Lindner Sankey ’20
  • Abigail Hollis Schaefer
  • Noah Schwartz
  • Ryan Jacob Schwartz ’22
  • Shaalin Alexandra Sehra
  • Daniel W. Shen
  • Fiona Fisher Sleigh
  • Chaeeun Song
  • Kelly Song
  • Jackson Dudley Spurling
  • Bronson Edward Starsiak
  • Ethan Delaney Strauss
  • Peter Steve Surin
  • Megan Jia Tao
  • Joshua Tate Toussaint
  • Andrew David Truong
  • Nitin S. Venkatdas
  • Isabella Valentina Janae Villaflor
  • Boxian Wang
  • Brian Wang
  • Emily Wang ’22
  • Samuel Wang
  • Maya Rukshani Weerasooriya
  • Jonah Ross Weinbaum
  • Hayden Earl Welty
  • Daniel Earl Westphal
  • Drew Norman Whitley
  • Tyler Thomas Witherspoon
  • Cameron Jack Wolfe
  • Zachary Jia Le Wong
  • Erich Kinghim Woo
  • Megan E. Wu
  • Ryan Abraham Wu
  • Eric Ching Youth
  • Amy Michaela Zaretsky
  • Jingyi Zhang
  • Kevin Zhou ’22
  • Andrés Zubillaga
  • Samuel Norman Zuniga

The following members were inducted to the honor society on November 1, 2022:

  • Brendan Michael Balthis
  • Jackson Crawford Battey
  • Tiffany Hyunkyung Chang
  • Jessica Marie Cortez
  • Elizabeth Jane Crocker
  • Benjamin Douglas Cullivan
  • Matthew Aaron Gluck
  • Spencer Benjamin Grimm
  • Aditi Gupta
  • Kamren Jahan Khan
  • Sheen Kim
  • Jonathan Won Lee
  • Dakota Chen Ma ’22
  • Sarah Keiko Mischel
  • Frances Lee Pool-Crane
  • Cameron Spire Raker
  • Megan J. Ren
  • Carson Delaney Riggs
  • Steven Michael Shin
  • Hannah M. Spindler
  • Maxwell James Teszler
  • Cypress Joan Toomey
  • Ananya Nirbhay Vaidya
  • Seth Adam Weprin
  • Noah Spencer Yusen