Phi Beta Kappa Welcomes 133 Dartmouth Inductees

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Chapter president notes the Class of 2024 persevered through the pandemic.

New PBK inductees pledging
At the ceremony on Saturday, new inductees to Phi Beta Kappa pledge to adhere to the principles of the honors society. (Photo by Robert Gill)

The Dartmouth chapter of Phi Beta Kappa welcomed 133 new members during its induction ceremony on Saturday in a tent outside the Class of 1978 Life Sciences Center. Independent filmmaker Nora Jacobson ’74 was elected an alumni member.

Dartmouth is home to the fourth oldest chapter Phi Beta Kappa, the nation’s most prestigious undergraduate honors society. Students are chosen based on exceptional scholastic achievement.

Chapter President Andrew Samwick, the Sandra L. and Arthur L. Irving ’72a P’10 Professor of Economics, kicked off the spring meeting with a warm welcome to parents, family members, and friends.

Samwick acknowledged the unique and difficult journey the Class of 2024 has endured on account of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It is always a testament to the student’s ability to persevere, to excel, to be admitted to Phi Beta Kappa. Perhaps it has never been more true than for this class of 2024,” Samwick said, calling for a special round of applause to acknowledge the collective efforts of students and their families.

Neha Chandra Agarwal signing the PBK roster
Neha Chandra Agarwal ’24 signs the Phi Beta Kappa roster as chapter Secretary-Treasurer Kate Soule and President Andrew Samwick officiate. (Photo by Robert Gill)

Following a proclamation of the intention to induct new members, chapter Marshal Roberta Stewart, a professor of classical studies, led the procession of students into the auditorium as the audience cheered.

Before the formal initiation of new inductees, Secretary-Treasurer Kate Soule, director of Arts and Sciences finance and research administration, detailed the categories of membership, and chapter Vice President John Carey, professor of government, presented a history of the centuries-old society. Samwick recognized the members who were elected in fall 2023.

The 133 new members were then invited to sign their names to the Phi Beta Kappa’s roster, receive their citations, and pledge to adhere to the principles of the honors society.

Pink and blue honor cords
The students inducted into Phi Beta Kappa receive pink-and-blue honor cords to be worn at Commencement on Sunday. (Photo by Robert Gill)

After receiving her citation, Jacobson, an award-winning filmmaker devoted to telling stories of women, social justice, and place, expressed her surprise and bemusement for being honored with the alumni membership. 

In her brief address, she recollected that her father had come to her graduation at Dartmouth, even though she didn’t attend it herself. “I’m really very touched and moved to be here, really, for my father,” she said.

She identified curiosity and a love for learning as the qualities that she shared with the students elected to Phi Beta Kappa.

“That’s why we’re here today,” she said.

The 133 new inductees from the Class of ’24 (unless otherwise indicated) include:

Harini Barath
  • Neha Chandra Agarwal
  • Ayushya Ajmani
  • Kami S. Arabian
  • Katherine Mireille Arrington
  • Eric Jon Bae
  • Caroline Balick
  • Madison Sophia Blanche
  • Conner Davis Boehm
  • Hannah Margaret Brookes ’23
  • Grace Adelaide Bryant ’23
  • Ann Beatrice Cappio
  • Daniel Long Carstensen
  • Luca Caviezel
  • Garrett Dean Chao
  • Emily Chen
  • Grace Zhikun Chen
  • Quentin Francis Chisholm
  • Jihwan Choi
  • Federico Cigolot
  • Eleanor Maxwell Clark
  • Virginia Grace Coffey
  • Emma Yuuko Cool
  • Paul Robert Cornell
  • William Daley
  • Heather L. Damia
  • Stephanie Williams Damish
  • Grace Dean-Saadati
  • Anjali Grace Dhar
  • Gracie Brynn Dickman
  • Ruby Elizabeth Donaghu
  • Lintaro Paul Francis Donovan
  • Kaitlyn Allen Dowling
  • Shelby Kay Dufton
  • Marleigh Dunning ’23
  • Henry Thomas Eberhart
  • David James Edington ’23
  • Arielle Sarah Feuerstein
  • Kira Hsien-Ya Fontaine
  • Emily Gao
  • Sidra Stowe Goldner ’23
  • Julia Ida Gottschalk
  • Suzanna J. Gulick-Stutz ’23
  • Vaani Gupta
  • Mary Agnes Hamel
  • Ryan Hammond
  • Christian John Henrich Jr.
  • Anna Grace Hugney
  • Gabriela Hull
  • Tobias Travis Johnson
  • Deborah Yoko Jung
  • Christopher Kang
  • Aksheta Saireddy Kanuganti
  • Laurel Lee Pitts
  • Annie Rui Qiu
  • Veronica R. Quidore
  • Martha Alden Rand ’23
  • Anna Katherine Ray
  • Julia Beatrice Christenson Redstone
  • Franklin Ye Ruan
  • Sophia D’Agostino Rubens
  • Tara Lena Karim
  • Rem Katyal
  • Maia Spring Kawamura ’23
  • Cecelia Emlen King ’23
  • Julia Marie Adams King ’23
  • Kevin Michael King
  • Daniel Gergely Kotrebai
  • Andrew James Koulogeorge
  • Devin Fahey Kruse
  • Gabriel M. Landi
  • Kirill Kyle Lanski ’23
  • Samuel Aaron Laskin
  • Lauren Amanda Lee
  • Megan LiMae Leung
  • Yaroslav R. Lototskyy
  • Amya Lijing Luo
  • Keren Luo
  • Emily Masuda
  • Rachel Celia Matthew
  • Charles Fitch Mattson
  • William Lawrence McCall ’23
  • Grace Elizabeth Mendolia
  • Luke William Miles
  • Jea Mo
  • David Graeme Moore
  • Alan Mark Moss Jr.
  • Ava Gabrielle Neijna ’23
  • Maya Anh Dao Nguyen
  • Nguyen Dong Vy
  • Anna Mae Nolan
  • John Gavaghan Noonan
  • Alyssa Sylvia Noseworthy
  • Elijah Terron Oaks ’23
  • Sophie Elizabeth Opler ’23
  • Jaeyoung Jason Pak
  • Clara Meredith Pakman ’23
  • Spriha Pandey
  • Tejas Jai Parekh
  • Kira Lynn Parrish-Penny
  • Ansh K. Patel
  • Ryan Matthew Penney
  • Jacqueline Rose Perry ’23
  • Joshua David Pfefferkorn
  • Sara Pickrell
  • Alexandra Taylor Salyer
  • Madeline Charlotte Sawyer
  • Ava Lorelei Scharfstein
  • Grace Ophelia Schwab
  • Arturo Fridolino Serrano Borrero
  • Mia Sarah Seymour ’23
  • Tucker Carter Simpson
  • Mahir Singh
  • Matthew Owen Skrod
  • Christopher Laylin Smith
  • Ian Alexander Smith
  • Jahnavi Sodhi
  • Caitlin Skye Stukel ’23
  • Carter E. Sullivan
  • Eleanor Laurel Sullivan
  • Sophia Louise Swanson ’23
  • William Stanislas Mennella Tarnowski
  • John David Simon Taylor
  • Cecile Florence Tobin
  • Jackson Patrick Trahan
  • Jake Patrick Twarog
  • John James Utley
  • Nikolaos Vichos
  • Ethan Weber
  • Lucas Gray Wilbur
  • Skylar Logan Wiseman
  • Wending Wu ’23
  • Sydney Paige Wuu
  • Kai Timothy Zhou

The following members were inducted to the honor society on Oct. 12, 2023, and others as noted:

  • Jackson Crawford Battey ’23 (11/1/22)
  • Sophia Maryam Bokaie ’24
  • Elizabeth Avery Borgmann ’24
  • Tiffany Hyunkyung Chang ’23 (11/1/22)
  • Ethan Llorens Chen ’24
  • Caroline Walker Conway ’24
  • Yevheniia Dubrova ’24
  • Hayden Adel El Rafei ’24
  • Benjamin Theodore Fagell ’24
  • Elizabeth Willow Frey ’24
  • Jack Ethan Friedman ’24
  • Caroline Cook Hall ’24
  • Sydney Morgan Hoffman ’24
  • Adithi Jayaraman ’24
  • Kamil Maron Salame ’24
  • Paul Shin ’24
  • Anna Elizabeth Swain ’24
  • Maxwell Teszler ’23 (11/1/22)
  • Yunjin Tong ’22 (9/30/21)
  • Gavin Thomas Walsh ’24
  • Katherine Anne Walther ’24
  • Allan R Wang ’24
  • Brian Haixiang Zheng ’24