Phi Beta Kappa Inducts 20 From the Class of 2024

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The honor society held its fall awards ceremony on Thursday at Collis Common Ground.

Phi Beta Kappa inductees
Members of the Class of 2024 who were inducted into Phi Beta Kappa last week are joined by Matthew Delmont, the Sherman Fairchild Distinguished Professor of History, second from right, who was inducted as an honorary member of the Alpha of New Hampshire chapter. (Photo by Eli Burakian ’00)

Twenty top grade earners from the Class of 2024 were inducted into the nation’s oldest honor society last week at the 236th annual meeting of the Alpha of New Hampshire chapter of Phi Beta Kappa.

The criteria for election to Dartmouth’s chapter are rigorous: Students must hold one of the top 20 cumulative grade-point averages in their class after completing eight terms within three years of matriculation.

“These students are high performers across Dartmouth’s curriculum, symbolizing the Phi Beta Kappa ideal of excellence in the liberal arts and sciences,” said Kate Soule, secretary of Dartmouth’s Alpha of New Hampshire chapter and director of Dartmouth’s Arts and Sciences Finance and Research Administration.

Founded in 1776 at the College of William and Mary to advocate for and recognize excellence in the study of the liberal arts and sciences, Phi Beta Kappa has 293 chapters on college and university campuses around the country, and counts 17 U.S. presidents and more than 150 Nobel laureates among its members. Dartmouth’s chapter, the fourth oldest in the nation, was established in 1787.

Student signs Phi Beta Kappa book.
Phi Beta Kappa inductee Anna Beth Swain ’24 signs the book kept by Alpha of New Hampshire chapter secretary Kate Soule as economics professor Andrew Samwick, the chapter president, left, and government professor Russell Muirhead, the chapter marshal, conduct the ceremony on Thursday. (Photo by Eli Burakian ’00)

The following students were inducted on Thursday into Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha of New Hampshire:

  • Sophia Maryam Bokaie ’24
  • Elizabeth Avery Borgmann ’24
  • Ethan Llorens Chen ’24
  • Ash Chinta ’24
  • Caroline Walker Conway ’24
  • Yevheniia Dubrova ’24
  • Hayden Adel El Rafei ’24
  • Benjamin Theodore Fagell ’24
  • Elizabeth Willow Frey ’24
  • Jack Ethan Friedman ’24
  • Caroline Cook Hall ’24
  • Sydney Morgan Hoffman ’24
  • Adithi Jayaraman ’24
  • Kamil Maron Salame ’24
  • Paul Shin ’24
  • Anna Beth Swain ’24
  • Gavin Thomas Walsh ’24
  • Katherine Anne Walther ’24
  • Allan R Wang ’24
  • Brian Haixiang Zheng ’24

The chapter also awarded the Phi Beta Kappa Sophomore Prize to 43 members of the Class of 2025, an honor that recognizes students with the highest grade-point average after completion of five terms. These students are not yet members of Phi Beta Kappa but are on track to become members in their senior year.

  • Aimen Ali Abdulaziz ’25
  • Louis Makram Awdeh ’25
  • Alexander Michael Azar III ’25
  • Jessica Bargamian ’25
  • Kevin Jin Cao ’25
  • Kaia Sunhee Culotta ’25
  • Eliza Phillips Dunn ’25
  • Noah Brooks Durham ’25
  • Wyatt Thomas Ellison ’25
  • Emily Pearl Fagell ’25
  • Mariel Susan Fulghum ’25
  • Lizzy Svea Hanson ’25
  • Lindsay Alia Paige Harris ’25
  • Patrick Russell Herrin ’25
  • Pranav Kanmadikar ’25
  • Meghan Kulasingham-Poon ’25
  • Ashton Russell Faulhaber Lewis ’25
  • Elizabeth Li ’25
  • Lin Ting Liang ’25
  • Nadine Lorini Formiga ’25
  • Jadyn Sierra Malone ’25
  • Colleen Sinnott Moore ’25
  • Charlie Aidan Morris ’25
  • Efstratia Maria Nicholson ’25
  • Allison Marie Nishi ’25
  • Liam Feliu Nokes ’25
  • Ryan Patrick Pettit ’25
  • Vicky Pham ’25
  • Matthew Jude Plawecki ’25
  • Katherine R Plaza ’25
  • Arpit Rao ’25
  • Lara Roelofs ’25
  • Eren Berke Saglam ’25
  • Zachary Andrew Seburn ’25
  • Benjamin David Sheldon ’25
  • Anna Claire St Jean ’25
  • Holly Marie Sullivan ’25
  • Serena Elizabeth Suson ’25
  • Declan Coleman Unverferth ’25
  • Connor Scott Vogel ’25
  • Geoffrey Yang ’25
  • Albert Zhang ’25
  • Vania Haijia Zhao ’25

Additionally, Matthew Delmont, the Sherman Fairchild Distinguished Professor of History, was inducted as an honorary member of the Alpha chapter.

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