Filming and Photography on the Dartmouth Campus

Campus Access Policy for News Media

Dartmouth College welcomes visitors to its scenic New Hampshire campus. We are a private institution, and most of our facilities are not open to the public. Dartmouth’s credentialing procedures for news media are intended to facilitate access to campus for those who wish to film or photograph on the campus and to support the free and open expression of ideas while ensuring that such filming or photography does not interfere with the educational, scholarly, or administrative functions of the institution.

In order to maintain an environment that is conducive to teaching and learning, we ask all news media who would like access to campus for filming or photography to fill out a Campus Access Request Form and submit it to the Office of Communications to secure permission before visiting. Permission to film or photograph and related arrangements must be made through that office in advance.

Please note that commercial filming or photography is not permitted anywhere on campus without permission. (No permit is required for student and faculty academic projects.) For more information on commercial filming or photography, please contact the Conferences and Events Office directly at 603-646-2923 or

The use of unmanned aircraft systems (drones) is governed by the Division of Student Affairs. For more information on operating a drone on campus, read the campus policy.

Anyone is free to photograph, film, or interview on public sidewalks, and on the College Green in accordance with the Dartmouth policy on the use of the College Green.

News media will be granted access to Dartmouth’s campus subject to the following conditions:

Access to buildings, areas and events may be denied during an emergency, crisis or unusual contingency, as determined in the College’s sole discretion.

Persons present on campus who are not the subject of the shoot may not be photographed in such a way as to render them identifiable unless a release is obtained by the film/photography crew for the use of the individual’s name and/or likeness.

The Office of Communications reserves the right to restrict or deny the use of campus locations if, in our judgment, such use would interfere with the educational, scholarly or administrative functions of the institution.

News media must submit a Campus Access Request Form to the Office of Communications in advance of the date on which access is requested, which includes an acknowledgment noting their understanding of, and agreement to, these conditions.

For more information, please contact the Office of Communications at 603-646-3661 or