Phi Beta Kappa Welcomes New Dartmouth Members

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The society inducted 97 graduating seniors and two honorary members at its June 8 meeting.

Barbara Will speaking
Barbara Will, the A. and R. Newbury Professor of English and associate dean for the faculty of arts and humanities, addresses new Phi Beta Kappa members. (Photo by Herb Swanson)

The Alpha of New Hampshire Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa at Dartmouth welcomed 95 new members from the Class of 2019, and two from the Class of 2018, at its meeting and induction ceremony on June 8, in Spaulding Auditorium at the Hopkins Center for the Arts.

As marshal, Professor of Classical Studies Roberta Stewart led the procession of students into the auditorium.

Dennis Washburn, the Burlington Northern Foundation Professor in Asian Studies in Honor of Richard M. Bressler ’52, and associate dean of the faculty for interdisciplinary programs, welcomed the inductees and their families and friends.

As president of Dartmouth’s Phi Beta Kappa chapter, Washburn also chaired the meeting and administered the oath.

“I now ask you, in words first employed in 1779, and therefore venerable in the usages of our society, to affirm that you will, with all your possible efforts, endeavor to prove true, just, and deeply attached to this, our growing society. And in addition to this ancient pledge, do you affirm that in all your relations you will adhere to the principles of the philosophy which its founders accepted as the inspiration of life, namely, fraternity, morality, and literature?”

“I do,” the inductees answered.

Susannah Heschel, the Eli Black Professor of Jewish Studies, chair of the Jewish Studies Program, and an honorary Phi Beta Kappa member, is the vice president of Dartmouth’s Phi Beta Kappa Chapter. She gave a brief history of the Alpha of New Hampshire chapter of the society, which, established at Dartmouth in 1787, is the fourth-oldest chapter in the country. Membership is based on academic merit. The June inductees, at the time of graduation, had an average standing no lower than the average of that achieved by graduates within the top tenth of those graduating in the preceding three academic years. 

The Phi Beta Kappa governing board welcomes the inductees.
Susannah Heschel, the Eli Black Professor of Jewish Studies (left); Dennis Washburn, the Jane and Raphael Bernstein Professor in Asian Studies; and Kate Soule, chapter secretary and a member of the Phi Beta Kappa governing board, welcome the inductees. (Photo by Herb Swanson)

In addition to the undergraduates, Howard Weinberg ’62 was inducted as an alumni member and Barbara Will, the A. and R. Newbury Professor of English and associate dean for the faculty of arts and humanities, was inducted as an honorary member. 

Weinberg, who teared up while recalling how his father saved up money for his tuition, said that majoring in government at Dartmouth laid the foundation for his work in television journalism. Weinberg was the founding producer of The Robert MacNeil Report on PBS and a producer for CBS News Sunday Morning and 60 Minutes. His current project is Nam June Paik & TV Lab: License to Create, which chronicles television’s first digital revolution.

Will congratulated the graduating inductees for embodying the Phi Beta Kappa motto: “The love of learning is the guide of life.”

“It has meant committing yourself to learning in the face of myriad other attractions and distractions—in the face of envy, perhaps disillusion, even in the face sometimes of the dismissiveness of your peers,” she said. “Because simply studying hard without a love of learning will not have gotten you to the place you are today. You’ve worked hard to be here, but you’ve also done much more than this. You’ve infused this work with love, with profound interest and attention, and in so doing, your love of learning has blossomed and flowered.”

In closing, Will urged the students to continue “to devote yourselves to learning in an open-ended and capacious way—learning for its own sake, learning as embodied in the ideal of Dartmouth’s liberal arts education.”

And she asked that they share their love of learning with others, “especially those who have not been as fortunate as you.”

Kate Soule, chapter secretary and a member of the Phi Beta Kappa governing board, encouraged the new members to become active in Phi Beta Kappa activities as they start their postgraduate lives. She also taught them the secret handshake. 

At an earlier meeting on Oct. 18, 21 members of the Class of 2019 were inducted into Phi Beta Kappa.   

The Phi Beta Kappa members inducted at Dartmouth during 2018-19 are:

Elliot M. Adams

Se Hyuk Bang

Olivia R. Bewley*

Lauren Kay Bishop

Bryan J. Bollinger

Connor Preston Bondarchuk*

Charlene A. Browne

Elise Mollie Burr

Keira Lauren Byno

Paulina Corinne Calcaterra

Dominic David Carrese

Emily Jean Chao*

Jason James Cheal

Brian Min Chekal

Liu Chen*

George Charles Cheng

Wei Liang Samuel Ching

Peter Jinhyung Choi

Allison Pearl Chuang

Caroline Alexandra Cline

Steffi Colao

Victoria Lynn Corwin

Margaret Marie Cross

Alexandra Gael Curnin

Gillian Severine D’Acierno

John Alexander Davidson*

Thomas Christopher DeSantis

Paul Bronis de Supinski

Christine Anqi Dong*

Tianhang Dong

Ashley Lorena DuPuis

Davidson Foss Emanuels

Olivia Easton Estes

Tucker Eugene Evans

Heather Elizabeth Flokos

Charis Dale Freiman-Mendel

Anne Lisa Ludik Furman

Brooke Lauren Goldner

Nathan Phillip Greenstein

Kevin Michael Griffee

Hanting Guo

Ruihan Guo

Jessica Anne Heine

James S. Herman III*

Grace Catherine Herron

Hannah Ilana Hoffman

Meredith Leyden Holmes*

Randy Hao Huang

Cydonia Macey Hubicki

Lauren Paige Huff

Olivia Frances Hunter

Clayton Eric Jacques

Young Jang*

Annie Yichen Ke

Vibhor Khanna

Karina Eileen Korsh

Sarah Grace Kovan

Madeline Jane Kroot

Drew Navin Leonard

Josephina Sophia Lin*

Andrew Ankang Liu*

Yihang Genna Liu

Jonathan Alexander Lu

Alex Zachary Magnuson

Rachel Nicole Matsumoto

Katherine Carlisle McCreery

Sarah Bowman Miller

Madison Carlene Minsk

Anant Shubham Mishra*

Sophie Montgomery

Benjamin Carter Nesselrodt

Erica Chek-Yung Ng

Colleen Elizabeth O’Connor*

Owen Pierce O’Leary

Cayla Rene Plotch

Siyuan Sonia Qin*

Zachary Fitz Quayle

Nalini Andrea Ramanathan

Lindsey Grace Renner

Adam Michael Rinehouse

David Alexander Ringel

Sonia Niiler Rowley*

Jordan Walker Neal Sandford

Karam Singh Sandhu

Walker Schulte Schneider

Brian Jake Schoenfeld

Katherine Chenoweth Schreiber

Shikhin Sethi

Morgan Annalee Sizemore

Amanda Katharine Sload

Ellen Louise Smalley

Jared Nathaniel Solomon

Ryan Eric Spector

Samantha Max Stern*

Alexander Eckard Sullivan*

Arvind Suresh*

Nikita Swinnen-Galbraith

Briana Marie Tang

Elizabeth J. Terman*

Neerja Bhagwati Thakkar

Joseph Robert Torsella

Dennis Henry Tracey IV

Julia Marie Vallone

Cara Elise Van Uden

Balthasar Lloyd von Hoyningen Huene

Ruoni Wang

Zhiyi Evangeline Wang*

Madeleine Rose Waters

Olivia Fairchild Wiener

Fuller Rand Winton

David Theodore Wong*

Jennifer A. Wu

Richard Jiang Yang

Qianyi Yong

Xinyi Zhang

Carolyn Leann Zhou

Kenneth Yang Zhu

Serena May Zhu

*Members of the Class of 2019 initiated Oct. 18, 2018

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